Update on Gear

Photography technology is rapidly changing all the time and this page along with others is due for an up needed update to keep you in formed about the best gear to use in the area of landscape , wildlife, bird photography.

FilmThis my trusted work horse, my Fuji pano film based camera.

 The Fuji 16×7, Noblex Pro 12×6, Mamiya 645 and Nikon f100 are film based cameras that I bought in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Why so many cameras and why film. Each one of the film cameras has its own role and we use them where we feel the digital world hasn’t matched it at this point in time. The Larger format cameras are stunning in their final result but their prices are too prohibitive for most of us.Maybe in time these prices will drop.Since area,so  much  changed,hence  the  reason  for  the   update.

The perfect camera to use is the new Canon R5. Although I don’t own that camera, it will be the next camera to get. If you are into wildlife photography, then there is no question that Canon’s R5 or R6 is the bench mark. These cameras are not cheap but if you want more of a success rate in capturing wildlife then this is no doubt the camera to save up for.

The 7d mark2. and 6d Mark 2 has been great to use and they are still used today , the future is Canons R5 or R6.There will be some who would like to question that statement depending on what you use. If you are a Canon User and you are wondering what the next step is for you if you are into wildlife photography, then there is no doubt that either of these cameras is the one to save for.


As already has been mentioned on this page Tours page, our blogs in Africa, 98% are taken with the 7Dmark2. The 10 frames a second is so fast and you never miss a beat with it. Having said that, Canons R5 and R6 have been born and so much has changed .

The R6 and R6 have changed the way we view things although, you still need the same photographic skills to have the ability to capture the wildlife. For example learning the animals behaviour and knowing when to shoot .The R5  and R6’s ability to track the wildlife is nothing short of amazing and has to be one of the most significant advances in camera technology.

The 7dmark 2 is a work horse and delivers 10 frames a second which is amazing but the R5 and R6 you are looking at around 20 frames a second.

This update on gear with the Canon R5 and R6 will continue.If you don’t shoot Canon at all and wildlife is important, you may want to consider this an option.