Adelaide Zoo 2023

June 3rd – 4th 2023

2 Day Workshop

Adelaide Zoo  is a workshop that is designed to help you photograph wildlife better than you did before. Adelaide zoo workshop is aimed at any photographer who is a beginner to the advanced. I have chosen the Adelaide Zoo as a starting point in teaching wildlife photography as there are so many subjects to photograph.

This is a workshop that will be done over 2 days. The first day will be devoted to photographing the animals and the second day will be devoted to post production.It is here that I’ll be able to show you how to get the best out of your image.

You are taught 9 concepts that I  use in Africa and these will improve your wildlife photography over the journey. If you keep them tucked away in your memory banks, they will be  useful resource.

The aim of this workshop is to understand, that it is not a matter of taking a 1000 images in an afternoon, but knowing when to take the animal or bird and what to look for. It is also about understanding  the right camera settings for the subject that you are photographing.

It’s about coming away with an image that you would be happy to place on your walls at home.

How do I achieve that nice sharp image when the animal or bird is behind bars?

The images below reflect one theme and were taken with one key ingredient – Patience!! Wildlife photography is all about patience and waiting for that right moment. That is one of the aspects that I’ll be passing on. Sounds simple does it not?

Where to meet will be given out closer to the time also with a list of things to bring and a program of the weekend.

Payment Details

Cost $400.00

Max of 6 people.

Payment Details

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