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It Actually Works- Yes it Does !

Many people use their phone as their main photography camera. The size of the phones make them very convenient to carry around and to use. With each passing year the phones are improving all the time and one does wonder if they will ever reach their peak.

Just when you think they have, they create another aspect of the phone that leaves you spell bound.

I don’t use my phone as the principle camera but so many do. With the price of the high end phones , they are a major investment and they really need looking after. ( I still think the price of phones in Australia are way too expensive compared to what other countries pay.)

Vicki bought my phone as a gift , bless her and when the phone was purchased the sales person tried to sell me a robust cover and a tempered glass sheet that is made to stick on the screen.He said at the time that this  money well spent.

I hummed about it and Vicki convinced me that this was the way to go.Sometimes you just don’t know if the salesperson is trying to hood wink you just to earn extra commission on the sale or it is actually true what they are saying. We bought to two extra components for the phone.

Well I did put it to the test totally unintentionally and what a test it was. We was going to an appointment, and before leaving  put my phone on the roof of the car and just forgot about it. Clearly I was distracted as I   didn’t take it off the roof. Opps!

It wasn’t until we arrived at our destination that I went to get the phone and discovered it wasn’t there.

We both sat and  talked about what we think may have happened. The blood rushes through your head thinking where on earth could it be.

We thought that it may have come off at home or not far down the street. We left the appointment and drove all the way back home, which took a good 20 minutes which at the time, seemed like an eternity.

No phone to be found  when we arrive home or on the ground.We then slowly traced our steps towards the appointment that we had.Travelling slow and annoying the vehicles behind us.People are so impatient on the road these days. Have you noticed that?

To cut a long story short, Vicki spotted the phone face down on the busy main road and it had been run over so many times. When she picked the phone up the tempered glass was shattered as you can see in the picture, a few minor marks on the back of the hard case and apart from that there was barely a mark on the camera or the screen of the camera.The body of the phone was fully intact.

The protective hard case actually worked and more impressive was the tempered glass doing what it was designed to do. It actually work!

For most people , there phone is there life, there camera, their diary and the list goes on.Spending a little more on the hard case and protective screen cover meant that my phone is running like clock work and there are no mayor scratches or dents on the phone. How is this possible? Technology !

Phones are generally  very expensive and for a few extra dollars you have avoided replacement, insurance claims, damaged SD cards and the great threat of losing your pictures and the list goes on.

If you had told me that the tempered glass would actually protect the original screen after constantly being run over for a good 30 minutes by cars, I would have doubted you .I’m so happy to be proved wrong.

The tempered glass stood up to  one of the most toughest tests and passed with flying colours. If you havevn’t purchased yourself a hard cover and a tempered glass sheet  to protect your screen, you might want to rethink that as accidents are just that, they happen when we least expect it to.

Your camera no matter what form it takes is one of the most precious items that you will some cases that phone can hold a persons entire life on it, that in itself is worth protecting is it not.:)

Pete Dobré

Author Pete Dobré

There photography is self taught and they enjoy capturing what is before them and sharing that with the wider community.What delight them is being able to show aspects of photography that people may not have thought of before.They like encourage people to look at subjects in a way that they may never have thought of.To encourage people to learn to photograph subjects that may have been out of their comfort zone.To encourage people to see and learn how to see the detail in all of the subjects that they photograph.Photography is so rewarding as you get an opportunity to freeze that moment in time to marvel the wonderful acts of nature and the material world.Every subject has its own delights and beauty and they love it when people discover that and embrace it.

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