Go Pro – For Beginners

20th May – 21st May 2023

Cost $795 includes bus hire.

Numbers capped at 6

Email- ozscapes@dobre.com.au

Go Pro – For Beginners is just that. If you have bought a Go Pro 7,8,9 & 10 and you really are not confident in using it, or feel overwhelmed in understanding it all, then this workshop is for you. Are you aware of what the Go Pro can actually do? Many of us have over time bought a Go Pro  and many are sitting on the shelf collecting dust. The modern Go Pro of today is a sensational action camera and it is more than just an action camera.There are so many ways in which you can use the Go Pro outside what it was designed for.

Each year when Go Pro brings out a new model, it is always a improvement on the previous. The jump from the 6 to the 7 was a marked difference in the area of stabilization. At the time this was a game changer. Since the 7, each new model has had a significant up grade. That’s called marketing. Do you need to make these up grades? That depends on the how you use the Go Pro.Some of the improvements may not concern you and you don’t need to upgrade.Each of the 4 Go Pros as they stand will deliver the goods. Each upgrade introduces something new and it is really up to you if you think that will benefit you or not. There is no question as it stands, the 9 & 10 are Go Pro’s Flag ship at the time of writing this.

In this workshop you will be taught how to set your Go Pro to the best settings, you will be taught how to get the best out of your Go Pro and you will be taught how to explore all of the amazing features . You’ll also be shown which is the best SD card to buy for it. The memory card is so important when it comes to the Go Pro. If you don’t have the right memory card then your Go Pro is going to struggle capturing vision in 2.7k or 4k and 5k.

Why A Few Days?

Why the weekend workshop? There is so much that the Go Pro can do and having a few days means that we’ll have time for the classroom and crucial time out in the field doing the practical and then viewing your results.The more that you are able to practice around people who can guide you, the quicker you’ll grow in this area.The best means of learning is to have other people working together and guiding you along. Having a person to ask a question that you might have and to have it answered in a  way that makes sense, means you’ll learn so much quicker.

Once you have booked, a list of things to bring will be sent to you as there are a few smaller items that would be go for you to have on board when the workshop starts.

As mentioned earlier this workshop is aimed at the Go Pro 7,8,9 and 10 uses.

If you would like to get the best out of your Go Pro 7,8,9 or 10, then send an email to ozscapes@dobre.com.au to book yourself in.