Macro Photography 2023

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Macro Photography 2023 is a stunning workshop that introduces you to another discipline of photography.This requires patience and it is not about walking away with a 100 images. It’s about walking away with 5 really outstanding images that you can be proud of.

 1st-2nd July 2023

COST $400 for the two days

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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Macro Photography 2023 is a workshop where this topic is explored over the  weekend . On the 2nd we shoot the subject all day, on the 2nd, you will be taught you how to edit your subjects due to the technique that you are taught on the Saturday. This is an excellent way of learning macro and equally importantly, to have time to be taught to edit and put into practice what you did the day before .

What To Bring

You will need to have a really good tripod and if you have one that can be ground level, that is even better. Please don’t even consider bringing old flimsy tripods as they just will be totally ineffective. You will be wasting your time and money.

What you need to be aware of, when it comes to Macro, the slightest movement going to show up in your pictures.Having a very old tripod that is not sturdy means you will get so frustrated.

Macro Photography 2023 suggest you bring a mat or something that you can sit on, kneel down on as this will make it so much more comfortable for you. There are times when you could find yourself in a position where you’ll be at ground level.

A torch or light from your iphone or andriod  will also be very valuable as we will show you have to best use it to get great results.

Your money goes towards  the hiring of a venue to teach you how to process your images and Saturdays teaching session.

Your Investment

On the second day you will be inside the venue for much of the day where you will be take through the technique of gaining the highest possible sharpness for your Macro Photography and this is an extension on the day before where  you were taught how to shoot.


Once you master the technique in shooting macro, you’ll be hooked as  there are so many subjects where you can bring so much detail out. Detail that you may never have realized was there in the first place. It’s been there just waiting to be discovered how by you!!!

 Macro Photography

On the Saturday we meet at 10.45am  at the venue and will go through to 4.30 pm. On the day the address of the venue will be passed onto you as this may change closer to the time depending if the rain is early of late.

Lunch is not included, you need to bring your own lunch or snacks. Bottle water will be supplied along with tea and coffee as this is standard on all of our workshops.

 Lets take that ride with Mini Mouse and explore the world of Macro.

Often I’m  asked” Do I need a tripod for this shot? My response is, how sharp do you want your images to be”  Deep down you know the answer.

Do I need a macro lens to do macro photography? Clearly if you have one , it’s ideal but it is not essential as you can take pics from a macro point of view without the traditional macro lens. An example of this can be found in the  images below which was not taken with a macro lens.



Shooting subjects like this, it is never about walking away with 50 images:it’s about finishing the day with a handful of images that you can be very proud of and we are  there to help you with your settings and guide you.


The Second Day

The  second day was spend doing post production work on the images that were taken on the Saturday and it is so good to be able to do this  and this will be a standard addition to the Macro Workshop.