Basic Photoshop and Lightroom 2022

Basic Photoshop and lightroom  will help you so much in editing your pictures and give you confidence in your photography.

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April 8th 2023

Based  on 4 people $200

Basic Photoshop and Lightroom a venue will be decided for the one day workshop closer to the time.

This workshop  is split into two parts. 9am-12pm is Basic Lightroom where we look at the tools that we use that are effective in editing. Lunch is between 12pm -12.45pm .Afternoon session is understanding the basics of Photoshop where we look at basic tools there to help us with effective editing from 12.45 – 4pm

Basic Photoshop and Lightroom  both have strengths and weaknesses and we use the best of both worlds to get the best out of the image.Both programs compliment each other.

You are taught the importance of shooting with raw files and don’t worry if you do not know what a raw file is, that why we are there to help you understand .The raw file will always give you the best results. Most cameras of the last 10 years will be able to shoot in raw.

At first it can seem a little overwhelming .It is not long and you’ll be right into it.

Basic Photoshop and Lightroom  is a course that will give you confidence in your picture taking.

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