Yorke Peninsula 2021

30th April  – 3rd May 2021

2 Spots Left

Cost $495.00 Min number required for this trip is 4.

Yorke Peninsula 2021 is a workshop designed for those who are time poor. and can’t get the time off to do the extended Photo Tours that both Vicki and myself offer. These are not comprehensive of the area. They are a tease to what is on offer and the extended tours explore the area in greater detail.

Yorke Peninsula 2020 requires  you to book your own accommodation and no meals are included and to make your own way there.This keeps the cost down.The fee is for Vicki and myself teaching time and knowledge.

Yorke Peninsula  is an amazing part of South Australia. What we will be doing is just scratching the surface on a few highlights that I have chosen.

Photography is a discipline that you can spend a whole day on one subject depending on your engagement  on the subject. Something we can go to a scene and scratch our heads. When you have someone next to you, who can guide you with compositions, a whole new world is open up to you.

Yorke Peninsula 2020 will offer you advice and guidance  in your picture taking and this advice will be concepts that you can use anywhere in the world when you are photographing.

With this workshop there is a diversity of seascapes, lighthouses and landscapes which make it an ideal weekend getaway.

We are looking forward to you joining us.

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