Weddings are so special. Video

Below are snippets of some of the weddings that I shoot. I don’t have the space to post them all but at least it gives you an insight to my style. I’m not normally known for my video work in capturing weddings but I do like it. What excites me about the wedding photography that I do, in some cases it is like you are on a film set and every wedding is totally different. I like the fact that different locations are used and it’s up to you how to use it.

Normally I don’t set shots up, I normally work around the stills photographer  and I find this is the best method for me in shooting the weddings that I do. There will be only a handful of times when the stills photographer is busy with something else that I will step in a set a couple shots up. Things move fast on the day and you have to be aware of what you want to capture and how you plan to do that.

Every wedding is very different and you will always come across the unexpected and in some cases , that is what makes it even more special.

I love it when you can play a small part to share the day with the couple.

Every wedding is different and special.

I love what I do and if you enjoy these snippets and you like my style, free feel to call me and make contact to talk about your awesome day that is approaching. I would love to capture it for you .

It’s always an honour when the couple change their wedding date so they can have myself as their cinematographer as this was the case here. I love all the different locations that I get to shoot at and in this case, I just loved the bathroom that we had to work in and the light and setting was divine and Tess and Daniel were a delight to work with. I always love it when the couple have confidence in my work. Pete 🙂