Vlogging How To

August 28th & 29th 2021

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$250 based on 5-6

$350 based on 2-4

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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The price is for both days

Vlogging – How to is limited to 6 people.

Both Pete and Vicki have over  30 years in the photographic industry and over 30 years as a qualified professional photographers  and this course is just one more that they have included in there workshop program.

Whether you are an aspiring beginner photographer, or an experience photographer who finds this subject new but has little experience and needs to be guided through the process, then this is for you also.

Mastering Vlogging means your travel videos will take on a whole new look and they will come across more exciting to view and will give you a totally new experience when it comes to photography and film making.When you head out on  your next holiday within Australia or overseas this course will help you take your travel photography and filming  to a new level.This is a medium where you can easily combine the both.

This is their newest workshop – Vlogging How To . With the explosion of  You Tube making an impact: as a creator on  You Tube and other media platforms which has exploded so quickly, this is another medium that you can tap into. If you have ever wanted to know what is involved and you need guidance to venture down that road, this workshop is for you.

The Saturday looks at what is Vlogging  and the gear that you need to be able to successfully go down this avenue.

The Saturday looks at the gear as was just mentioned , the music side of things , the importance of good sound ,editing , the style of filming and the story.It also explains what B-Roll is which is a key element in vlogging.

Although this session is on doors there will be a small practical session.

The Sunday looks at the practical side of things. It looks at the styles of vlogging and techniques.Vlogging How to Part 2 takes you through the filming techniques and what makes a successful vlog. Vlogging How to Part 2 takes you out in the field where you are all given the same subject to vlog. The beauty about vlogging, you can have 10 people filming the same subject and all will be put together in a different way and will also tell a different story. That is the  beauty about the art of film making.


Once you have done Part 1, Part 2 takes you into the practical and beyond.