Vivid Sydney

This year I was able to take a group from all over Australia to attend the Vivid Light Show in Sydney. This was a photographic workshop that I ran there.This was nothing short as awesome and uplifting. Yes there were crowds there but if you accept that and go with the right mind set it is such an uplifting free event for people.

What I love about this event is the creativity of people that shines through. We live in a wonderful world but sadly it is the negative aspects of the world that are highlighted in the press all the time which makes us   develop this notion that its all around us is bad and awful and nothing could be further from the truth.

When you think about it, with 7 billion on the planet, there are bound to be some that are not so good but in the bigger picture they are the minority.

What I love about Vivid is that it demonstrates the good in people , it show cases the creativity of people and it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an event, to immerse yourself in color and also provides amazing photographic opportunities.

What follows below is a small snap shot of what I took there while with my guests. If this has been on your bucket list make sure you get there as it is something that you wont forget.

As I mentioned before, yes there are many people there but remember this is over 3 weeks in winter.Will it rain, off course it will, it is winter but go with a poncho or raincoat and you’ll still have a wonderful time.

The good thing is that when it rains, there are less people there and you ‘ll have more room to move. I was there on the long weekend with my crew and on the Sunday night there were so many people there but did it stop us from having a wonderful time no, did it stop us from taking awesome pictures, no!!!

Vivid is emotive, inspiring and simply a showcase of the wonder of light and the creativity in people.  Pete:)