Vicki’s Creative Shoot

September 3rd 2022

The Concept

Vicki’s Creative Shoot  shows the creative side of Vicki and this is one area where her passion runs deep. Vicki’s Creative Shoot helps you to think outside the square and be creative.What sparked this side of her was a single rose and the rest is history. If you are looking to be creative to think beyond the square, to be inspired with a completely different side of photography, then this is for you.

Vicki shows there are so many aspects to Photography and this is one more. What is unique and very different about  is that you start with a concept and you built from there.

On the day there will be a model and a theme that we will be running and you’ll see how it all comes together and this is an opportunity where you will be able to take photos that are very different and we hope that it will inspire you to explore another aspect of your photography- the creative side.

We have posted has posted  several pictures that you can see here .They amazing on many different levels. The most amazing aspect of these images is that these are self portraits of Vicki at the time and she did the whole bang lot her self. Came up with the concepts,applied the accessories and photographed this her self as well. Can you image how hard that is . One the day for you it will be so much easier.

Vicki’s Creative Shoot is a chance for you to photograph a concept that is so different. You will walk away inspired. Vicki does all the work for you. Vicki builds the concept as she goes. She knows what she is doing. Vicki’s Creative Shoot knows to the guest that at first that it looks confusing. Then it all comes together. The work is done for you and all you have to do is photograph the progression to the final product.

Vicki’s Creative Shoot  takes you through the process, how the concept comes about and what she needed to do to reach that point.

Payment Details

August 13th 2022


Meeting place to be advised closer to the time.

Numbers – Limited to 8.

Payment is to be made into the account below

BSB 085 656

Acc 744 890 720

Nab Bank