Understanding Light and Composition.

Understanding light and composition is the key to taking any photograph and here we demonstrate this to you an you will grow as a photographer.

15th February 2020

Based 1-8 ppl $150

Understanding light and composition will teach the importance of knowing how to use light and how to compose your shot. This is aim at the beginner.

Often we can be on a lovely spot, overlooking great scenes and yet, our pictures don’t come out well. Why is that? Understanding light and composition will show you why. They are simple steps to remember in understanding light and composition which will transform how you look at a scene. When you see a lovely picture that you admire, always know that , this  picture you admire was no fluke. For the photographer to get that capture, he or she has a understanding light and composition.

Light is the key to anything we take. If you don’t know how to use the light to your best of your ability then you will struggle. Understanding light and composition will show you the importance of light to your picture. There us no such thing as bad light. You need to know how you can use the light you have to the subject that you have.

Understanding light and composition is the key as the picture below shows. The first one was taken on impulse without not thinking about the light. Was the light going to pop from behind the cloud? Understanding light and composition shows you the importance of being aware of what is above. To help you determine the how to respond to that.

An Example

What a difference when the light comes out. Simple rule being aware of what is above you. Understanding light and composition teaches you to be aware of all that is around you. Waiting for the sun pop wasn’t long and look what you get compared to the first image.

It would be helpful if you have done workshop 01 with Pete. We meet at 10.30am down Brighton Jetty and I’ll be on the corner of Alfreda Street and The Esplanade which is north of the Jetty by several hundred metres.


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Although in the bottom picture it is overcast, there is a right way to photograph the car in relation to the light. What is that? Come and find out.