Rustic Photo Tour

7th May-16th 2022  $3,975

Rustic Photo Tour is ideal for those who love anything rustic.This can be from old ruins, windmills, cars and other treasures. Rustic Photo Tour will open your eyes to the treasures that others may see as simply rustic junk.

This is a topic that will expand your photography knowledge and give you another wonderful subject to photograph.

The team are with you on the Rustic Photo Tour to guide you and help you with your compositions. On the Rustic Photo Tour you have old ruins, old railways stations, old rustic cars, windmills and something really special at the end .

Breakfast is included, lunch and dinner are not if numbers are 4 or less.


Doug 2019…”Hi Pete & Vicki,Thanks for your thanks and also thanks to the both of you for such an awesome trip. I guess you didn’t organise the weather (!) but you did a good job in predicting what was going to happen and got us to the good places in time for it to happen. Definitely had an awesome trip.

I’m still going through my photos (all 1700 of them) and will probably end up with about 300 to save.

Looking forward to the Silo trip in 2020!

Kind regards



Join The Rustic Tour

Rustic Photo Tour enables you to see the value of all things rustic. Can you image photographing the 1950’s iconic hills host clothes line in the middle of nowhere? The Rustic Photo Tour concludes with a massive highlight at the old pub made for a film set, set in the 1980’s.

This photographic experience for our guests as Rustic Photo Tour will give you a new outlook to things in the past you may have never considered. It’s dramatic and nothing excites us more than to photograph the past and this experience touches many cords within us no matter what our age.

Every time you photograph one of these iconic buildings on the Rustic Photo Tour you are recording history. You are capturing a part of history that can’t be recorded again. and and that excites us and sends shivers up our spines.The Rustic Photo Tour starts in South Australia and ends in New South Wales , then back to South Australia.

What is special about this Workshop is that parts of it is on private land and this means that the pictures that you take will not be common, can’t be accessed by the public and everyday there is something amazing to shoot in this theme.

On the Rustic Photo Tour when you take a picture no matter what the subject is, you are recording history as it is happening in front of your eyes.:)

Your landscape photography will go to another level once you learn about light and shooting rustic is all about ” the light “.

Like all of the Photo Tours you are  put you in the right place with the right light for 90% of the time.

Max numbers 6

$3975.00 Numbers 5 or more . Numbers 4 or less $4875





Payment Details

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Bank SA

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Routing Number ( USA Banks ) 021000021

  • Details on where we meet will be given out at the time of booking. We do leave Adelaide and return to Adelaide.

    Things to bring

    • Tripods, cameras and whatever you shoot with.
    • There is room for you to bring what you normally do when on tour.
    • Laptops, external hard drives for backup of your images,
    • Lens cleaning clothes – if you haven’t had your cameras sensors cleaned in a while, it might be worth doing that to avoid those nasty dust spots.
    • If you have a cable release that will come in handy, if not, then you will be able to use your self timer on your camera as we will be doing night photography on this trip as well.

    There is a  terms and conditions form that needs to be printed off and signed and given to me on the date of departure or you can email or post it to me.

    Payment – $1400 is paid up front on booking, 8 weeks out the remainder has to be paid in full unless other arrangements are made with Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes. If Full payment is not made 8 weeks out from the departure date, your spot will not be held and will be given to anyone waiting for any cancellations.

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