Mystery Photo Tour 2020

Date 30th May 2020

It’s a mystery……..

Cost $130

Pete & Vicki Dobré Photo Mystery Tour- As the name suggests, this is a mystery and there is no information that I can give you except that I can give you the date,time and place where we will meet. If I gave you the info, then it is hardly a mystery Photo Tour is it. I know it is  a massive step of faith but one needs to make life interesting in your photographic life.

We meet at 8.30am down Brighton Jetty and I’ll be on the corner of Alfreda Street and The Esplanade which is north of the Jetty by several hundred metres. Look for the guy wearing the red Eternity Cap:)

You will be dropped off back at Brighton Beach between 6.30pm depending on traffic

Cost 130.00

The $130 includes the bus hire, fuel and admission.  Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

BSB 105 144

Acc 031 029 940

Bank SA