Mystery Photo Tour 2020

Canon 6d mark 2

Canon 6D mark 2

Date 30th May 2020

It’s a mystery……..

Cost $130

Pete & Vicki Dobré  Mystery Photo Tour-2020 As the name suggests, this is a mystery and there is no information that I can give you except that I can give you the date,time and place where we will meet. If I gave you the info, then it is hardly a mystery Photo Tour is it. I know it is  a massive step of faith but one needs to make life interesting in your photographic life.

Often we are happy to photograph our pet subjects.How would we go given a subject that we have never thought of before? Mystery Photo Tour -2020 is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and you will grow as a photographer with the subject. You will be given ideas how to shoot the subject. You’ll be shown examples to encourage you to think beyond what you are accustomed to.

Mystery Photo Tour – 202o will make you a better photographer for the experience. We all like a mystery and Mystery Photo Tour 2020 gives you just that.

Traveling along in the bus towards our mystery photographic event , it is so good to see the expression on their faces as they try and guess where the bus is taking them.

There are time when the guest so sure that they have guested where they are going. Mystery Photo Tour 2020 brings people together all who like a mystery.

We meet at 8.30am  and a time place will be given closer to the time. Drop of point will be given to you on the day, uumm it is a mystery.

As a photographer both Vicki and myself are always looking for ways to extend ourselves as photographers. This s one such way.

Canon 6d

canon 6dmak2

The $130 includes the bus hire, fuel and admission.  Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

Payment Details

Cost – $130

BSB 105 144

Acc 031 029 940

Bank SA