Monarto Zoo Day Photographic Workshop 2020

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August 29th 2020

Booking are open to reserve your spot with a $250 retainer to be paid.

 Please don’t deposit any money into the account without confirming if there is availability. It is important that you check first as over the time we have had glitches with the website and there are times when we can’t change our dates until the bugs are repaired.

“… Monarto Zoo during Africa Running Wild Safaris with Pete Dobre and Vicki Freer… Best Day Ever.. these tours sell out quickly….benefit of doing a Africa Running Wild Safaris Monarto Workshop , you get to go behind the scenes with the Rhino and have an amazing experience..” Angela 2019

You can still register your interest and you’ll be first on the list if there is a cancellation if it has been sold out.

These stunning image was taken by Vicki on the 2019 workshop. This was an epic and stunning day with amazing photographic opportunities.

Monarto Zoo Day Photographic Workshop is a photographic day trip where you get to capture the wildlife . This is Australia’s largest open range zoo and we will be spending the entire day shooting there. The cost of the Monarto Zoo Day Photographic Workshop trip doesn’t cover any meals or food costs. We will be stopping for lunch as there is a cafe there that has a good selection of food for you.

We have hired a special bus that has sliding windows where you can shoot in the open air and not through glass.The bus holds 24 people but I only take 7 away with me so you you will always have  window to shoot through no matter what side of the bus the animals are on.We have reduced the number to make it easier to photograph to animals.

The big advantage of doing this day workshop with me is that we have an awesome guide with us and we can spend time in each enclosure until we are all happy with what we have photographed. You are not rushed and we certainly don’t zip through each enclosure. This is an ideal time to get close and personal with the animals.

The other big plus is that we get to go behind the scenes with the Rhinos where you are so close to them as this time spent is so special. You can give them a rub, feel the texture of their skin ranging from rough through to silky smooth. This section is not open to the general  public.

Your investment covers the special bus  hire, the driver  hire and the guide that is hired along with the other fees for Monarto Open Range Zoo. This is the next best thing to being on safari in Africa.

Together Pete and Vicki will help you with all of your settings if you should need.


 August 29th 2020


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Today was absolute MAGIC. I have waited to do this tour for 2 years and it far exceeded any of my expectations and was well worth the wait … but it certainly won’t be anywhere near that long before our next adventure with Mr Duracell!! Pete Dobre, thank your once again for a totally amazing day and of course your awesome mentoringl! Your hard work was much very appreciated by us all! Totally awesome!! PS: Those Rhino’s certainly won my heart – I patted a Rhino or three today – WOOHOO!!! 🙂

“I WILL stop raving about the day …….. sometime. 🙂
I WILL stop raving ………….sometime.
maybe………..” Belinda Hanson





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