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“Hi, my name is Roger and I am an unashamed Nikon user and enjoy photography as a hobby. My wife Pam and I travel overseas every year, mainly throughout Europe because we both enjoy that part of the world, but it has been an ambition of mine to travel to Africa for many years despite Pam having no desire to do so. We were visiting a travel expo early in 2017 and bumped into Pete just as we were leaving and after a few minutes of listening to him we knew his trip ticked all of the boxes. To be able to see all of the wildlife and learn about photography as well as being able to take Pam along, who isn’t a photographer, suited us well. Pam did have reservations about camping in tents etc, but Pete assured her it would be OK.

Over a year later we headed to Africa where we visited Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Chobe National Park and Khwai National Park, Botswana.

Awesome is the only word to describe our experience. Everything was just awesome. The falls were breathtaking, the Pangolin tour boats were set up with amazing tripods for each person on the Chobe River, the safari vehicles in the Khwai National Park, the access and close proximity to wildlife, experienced tour guides with great local knowledge, the camp food just great. Every guide understood the needs of a photographer and where to position the boat or vehicle to take the best shots and make best use of the light. No rushing and plenty of time to take the shots you wanted. Plenty of room in the vehicles to slide from one side to the other and no need to carry your bag. While I was taking photos Pam enjoyed talking to the guides and being in the moment. She was a convert! We saw wildlife in situations that ‘normal’ tourist just wouldn’t get the opportunity to witness. So many photos , so many memories.

Pete and Vicki were superb hosts and we really enjoyed their company along with our other companions. The learning experience for me was priceless and my photographic knowledge grew every day. Pete is an outstanding professional and has a patient, easy teaching style covering image capture and post processing. The whole adventure was thoroughly enjoyable and an experience Pam and I will never forget.
I believe the litmus test on any trip is whether you would do it again and my answer is a resounding yes. I would highly recommend one of Pete and Vicki’s small group photographic tours.” July 2018

If you would like to know more, please call me on 0408 446 289 Pete:)