The Jetties of Adelaide

The Jetties of Adelaide

10th October 2020

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The Jetties of Adelaide workshop explores Adelaide’s  many jetties and in this day workshop, Pete and Vicki teach you  and guide you how to shoot the jetties of Adelaide in the bets way possible. The jetties provide you with a wealth of photographic opportunities and when you go to the beach again, you will always view jetties differently.

The Jetties of Adelaide will enable you to  see things differently and you’ll notice things that most would never notice.

We will  expose you to compositions that you may have never thought off. Jetties of Adelaide will teach you the importance of composition .You will also be taught the use of shadows and how important that they are.

We will will teach you the importance of lead in lines which will always give strength to your pictures.

The value of this workshop is that ti will teach you to look at the subject from an entirely different point of view. Jetties re such an amazing subject to photography and if you have photography as your passion, you will be amazed.

What To Bring

This tour is out doors , therefore, a hat, sun cream even an umbrella is wise. Apart from your camera bag, a tripod will be helpful as well.

Many don’t like using tripods as it can slow us down and I do understand this. When you are doing a workshop where you are not under pressure to be moving along quickly then a tripod can be your best fried. When you have the tripod setup, both of your hands are free. This will give you time to think, step back, reflect and look beyond of what is in front of you. Tripods are great if you want great sharp images.