Tasmania Photography Tours – 2017

Tasmania Photography Tour 

Explore with Pete the wonders of Tasmania on the Tasmania Photography Tour as it is rich in landscapes. This tour takes you to the wonders of Mount Field National Park, through to the rugged coastline, pristine beaches, quaint towns and ending at the iconic Cradle Mountain. Tasmania is the hidden jewel of Australia in my opinion. There is so much to see and discover and this trip really pics a few highlights to share with you. When I’m traveling on my own , I usually spend anything from 4-6 weeks down there and I’m still only scratching the surface.

The Tasmania Photography Tour  is made up of my own highlights of Tasmania. If someone came to me and said” Pete I have limited time to see Tasmania, what would you recommend? Well this trip is just that.

Tasmania Photography Tour  showcases  a stunning part of Australia. It’s an ideal setting to run my photo tour and workshop on such a diverse Island. Tasmania Photo tours come alive when you mixed the stunning landscapes with the raging ocean. The contrast between land and sea is compelling.

The nature of photography lends itself to many subjects and Tasmania photo tour does just that.

From the rocks cliffs,to the organs pipes towering above the seas, through to the wonderful majestic formations of Wine Glass Bay, there is never a moment where you can say, I have done it all.

On my Tasmania Photo tour and workshop we embrace all some of the things that make Tasmania what it is today and that’s the nature of doing my Tasmania photo tour.

With the contrast of the waterfalls and Cradle Mountain and everything in-between, this tour offers a wealth of photographic richness that you will be inspired and left in awe.

No matter what camera that you are using for the Tasmania Photography Tour, it will capture the awe-inspiring land, sea and sky scapes. I’m there to guide you in your compositions and so help you understand how light works.

My Tasmania Photo Tour will leave you in awe of what Australia has to offer and you will have a new found love for Tasmania.

What’s included and whats not.

You need to make your own way to Hobart. Your accommodation, Park Passes etc, transportation. There is an awesome 3 hours boat cruise that will leave you in awe along with a flight that is going to give you stunning scenery that will blow you away. Shhhh can’t tell you now, I’ll surprise you. We can’t have the door off but what we can do is open a window so you are not shooting through glass.

Breakfast is included but lunch and dinner are not.

1st November – 12th November 2017

$5700 per person

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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  • I did have a cheaper price on line but I’ve had to put it up a little as the cost of the bus is so much more expensive than the mainland, hence the slight price increase.


Payment – $1800 is paid up front on booking, 12 weeks out the remainder has to be paid in full unless other arrangements are made with Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes. If Full payment is not made 8 weeks out from the departure date, your spot will not be held and will be given to anyone waiting for any cancellations. 




– – – – Places per tour are limited. For more information on the Tasmania Photography Tour contact Pete today. Min of 5 people for this tour to proceed.

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