When do I take photos? “the dump ‘

When do I take Photos?


What is your passion for photography? What are the things you enjoy photographing? Do you just keep to your favorite subjects? Would you go to areas where you might not go?

In this small blog which I have called ‘ The Dump” I talk about no matter where you are, no matter what the situation, if you understand light, you’ll always be able to photograph something that can be special.

Recently I was in the northern Flinders Ranges and I came across a massive dump. It’s more like the dumps you find on farms. The more isolated the farms, the more gear that is discarded over time.

The items can be old fridges, old cooking stoves, old wagons, wheels, cars, motorbikes and trucks. Pretty much anything that was once used to make the farm operate you’ll fine there over time.

In this dump I came across treasures, well treasures in my eyes. This place had the old wagons, wheels, motorbikes, old trucks and so on.

I was in the area for a number of days and on the last few days I had the most amazing skies, which I just love. The mixture of epic skies, along with understanding how light works meant that I could photography anything within this area.

I’ve written before how understanding light is the key to any photography and I can’t stress that enough.

Knowing how light works means no matter what you come across, you’ll always be able to shoot it in the right conditions.

Here at the dump, they had things here that really inspired me, things that I had not seen before and things that had the quirky effect.

As I mentioned before, I love awesomeskies and seeing these skies drift across, and seeing how the light was changing gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot the subjects the way they should be shot.

Often when we are on the road we will come across something that is great to shoot but we are there at the wrong time of the day. The key is, to come back to the spot and to be there at the right time. Now often people don’t do this as they are in a hurry and they let a ordinary situation pass




them by which could have been a stunning time with the right light.

We are always in a hurry but if you are keen on your photography, it is so important to make sure you understand the light and once you under how light works, make sure you use it to your advantage.







When I look at the wagon, I instantly reflected back to when was this last used in its hey day. When was that definitive moment when the owners though to themselves that this will no longer be any use to them?

What was the date when this cart took its last official ride,. These questions I also asked for the other items that I shot over the time spent here.


I chase the skies and when the skies are there, for me , that is the time to shoot and all that is left to do is to know how you are going to compose the shot.

To most this is likely to be junk, trash and something that has no value to it but to others, it becomes photographic treasures to be photographed.


Light will always be the defining moment is all that we photograph and the skies for me, is the perfect marriage of the two.






When you understand light, when you understand the skies above you and how they work, then these two elements will always bring your subject alive.












When the skies change, you can go back to the same subject and a different sky will always give you a different feel to the picture that you are abiout the take. Pete:)