Vivid Sydney  2021

This Event has been cancelled as Sydney has cancelled Vivid for 2020 due to Covid

We look forward to 2021 when dates have been posted

New date To Be Set

Vivid Sydney 2021

The Vivid Sydney 2021 program will be over 4 days.

Vivid Sydney 2021 starts at 6pm and goes through to 11 pm each night. Most of the afternoons you have down time with the post production morning sessions  for those who wish to have it. If you would like to miss the post production then you have the days to yourself although one of the afternoons there is a surprise for you.

The Vivid Sydney 2021 workshop does not include your accommodation and no meals are included in the above cost.  That is up to you where you wish to stay but Vicki  and I will be  staying at the Napoleon on Kent.I simply went to their website to book. Closer to the time, these prices will increase. If this tour is for you, book the same place .

What To Bring

Vivid Sydney 2020 will require you to have a good sturdy tripod to get the best out of your images. Please don’t even think about old tripods from the 60’s and 70’s . Don’t even consider grandpas or grandmas tripod from the past if they are very light , thin  and flimsy. They will not work effectively and in the long run you’ll be wasting your own time. Slight wind will cause them to vibrate and in all of the years that we have been running workshops, these tripods usually end up falling apart.

To get the best out of the night photography, a 70mm-200mm f4 lens, a 16mm-35mm 2.8 or f 4 lens will be great.Both of these will cover all that you’ll need to shoot. You don’t have to have these two lens, just have something that may cover that range approximately. If in doubt, please make contact with us to ask.

This is a stunning program and next years dates will be posted as soon as Vivid Sydney announce those dates.  It’s a stunning light show and one that is different every year and I can’t wait for 2020.

Every year Vivid is different and the displays never cease to amaze you.Join us and email if you are interested in 2021.