The Solitude Tree – A Special Project – 2017/2018/2019/2020/2021/2022

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The Solitude Tree is a special project that has been started in 2017. Normally I would have this in my blog but I have decided to give it it’s on heading on the home page. I’ve done this because it will be easier to find for those who are following this project.

The aim of this project is to photograph The Solitude Tree to show it through all of the seasons. So why am I doing this? Time will reveal that and I hope through my writings, through the images, that the question as to why will be answered.

When I started this project I thought it would run for 12 months but here I am 5 years down the track and it is still going.

As a photographer, I find this project exciting, awe inspiring and it feeds my soul with mystery and gratitude.


This marks the first shoot for The Solitude Tree. I had a concept in mind, I knew I had to find a tree that was to match the concept that I had . I spent a very long time looking, driving around in search of The Solitude Tree.( 15 months to be exact)

I knew that when I saw it standing out in the field, that this was  what I was looking for. There were several factors that I had to have for this tree to become reality and there was no way I’d be compromising, hence the reason that it took such a long time. So it was important that I found this tree and on the 4th of January I finally stumbled upon The Solitude Tree as I have called it. I knew then, that the project was up and running.

Making a decision to leave home to shoot the tree can always be a hard one as like life , sunsets and sunrise are all unpredictable.I have been shooting sunsets and sunrise for  a very long time and there are three things that I have learnt over the years.

1.You can never predict with certainty if the sky is going to catch fire

2.When it is totally overcast, you can never say, ” It just won’t happen”

3.If it doesn’t go your way, don’t be disappointed, have the mind set, that there is always tomorrow to look forward to and you’ll embrace the next one with a greater sense of expectation.

This picture and the ones that will follow were all taken on the same evening of the 10th of Jan and the contrast is amazing and although I have seen the unpredictable flourish beyond any expectation, it still blows me away how it all happens.Why is that, well simply because I believe that every breath that we take is a bonus and a gift. Life is a gift that we have been given and yet it is always unpredictable so I’m thankful for the things that I get to see through the lens and through my own eyes when I’m not looking through the camera.


23.1. 2017

Before  I mentioned that every adventure when dealing with the sun going up and going down is never predicable 100%.

I always  looked skyward  to see if I should travel to the Solitude Tree.It was dark and stormy and this is reflected in the picture that you can see now as this was the first shot I took of the The Solitude Tree when i arrived.I love the drama in the skies and at the time it was raining on and off. I decided to go and in my haste to get in the car and go, I left my rain gear at home but there was no way I was going back. I just had to get there and see what was going to unfold.

Tonight’s lesson was invaluable and it really just drove home to me yet again that you just can’t have the attitude that you know it all when you don’t know what is the knowable.For me it’s like God teaches me again the lessons of life and I’m sure He will give me insights through the course of this project.I couldn’t but think to myself if He was saying to himself “Pete, check this out when you are doubting things’

The stormy skies give you a different mood to your subject  and it also tells the story of The Solitude Tree. There are visitors to this tree and if you look carefully at this picture and previous ones above, you will see cows, calfs whom share this field also.

On the previous segment, I saw the calfs playing like puppy dogs, it was so cute and once again nature touches you in ways that brings your inner self out once again and it’s a reminder of the things we find adorable .

When you think it couldn’t improve, I think God has the last laugh. Who would have thought that one would have gone from the first image, dark stormy and rain on and off to this shot. It was humbling to see the incredible shift in colours from the dark greys to the vibrancy of colour at the other end of the spectrum.

31.1. 2017

The kitchen window reveals all to me, well it is my guide, do I or don’t I. I decided to as I could see an awesome expanse of cloud but on the other hand it was moving in the wrong direction where the skies were running from The Solitude Tree and I thought to myself.  Ummm I was undecided for a while whether to go but there was something within me that at times gets the better of me and I had this gut feeling that this was going to burn. I can’t explain it but I just felt this burning passion within. So it was back to the car. I travelled half way there and in my excitement, I forgot my second camera. Bum I thought to myself but there was no way I was going to turn back.

I think I had time to turn back to get it but things would have been a rush. When I’m shooting I like to arrive early,I like to be in the right frame of mind and I like to be able to be as relaxed as Pete can to take the scene in .

My tripod legs were playing up, they decide that they wanted To go to sleep on me and were slowly becoming less and did i have the tool to tighten them with me??? I must remember to leave this tool in my bag. The bag is becoming heavier and heavier. It is amazing how all the “little” things add so much bulk to your camera bag. I’m trying to cut down what I carry and when I think I have nailed it, things are added to the bag. That’s crazy is it not ?

Like with most of the sessions thus far, the final images make their statement and for me, it is God saying,’ Have one last look tonight of the free gift that you have and remember this. ” For me it is the lessons of life that come from moments like this. We all get so caught up with things that are not so important in life in the bigger picture of life.

If our health was to take a turn for the worse, we quickly work out what is important in our lives, we quickly see the futile things that we saw as important and we soon learn that the politics of life, being proud when we should be humble all come to the forefront and we finally get it.

My question is, why wait until that moment , take that out look now  and we will start living in ways that we thought not possible deep within us as we would gain a clarity of peace that we thought couldn’t have been found before. When I’m out here, these are some of the things that I’m taught when I share the same air to breathe with the Tree of Solitude.


Never did I think that two nights in a row I would be blessed with another stunning sunset. It wasn’t just myself that was blessed but most of Adelaide and Yorke Peninsula with what I have seen on social media. I think it is wonderful that people of all ages can appreciate the wonder of nature.

Social media tonight has been bombarded with pics ranging from elaborate cameras through to the iphone. The pics were either taken from a ones back yard through to shots that were well planned.Pics were composed with thought and others were snapped with roofs, power lines etc in them. But it doesn’t matter as for me, what the over riding factor is, is that people were in awe with what they witnessed and ones spontaneous reaction is to get the camera out, the phone out and to snap away. It’s awesome that people feel compelled to snap away when they see creation at its best.It also displays that people still love the majestic scenes that we are presented each morning and evening when the sun either rises or sets.

Tonight I loved the lead up as much as the sunset itself.The skies were rocking, the skies were moving and the skies were alive and full of vitality  and the dance was endless.

I take heart that people are moved by the immeasurable beauty that deep down we all adore which moves us.

Most will never see the dramatic change within an hour, hence one of the reasons of this project. In an hour light changes dramatically and within that change, moods are always changing, meaning changes and purpose changes and your taken on a journey that will always inspire you and cause emotions to stir and kindle a sense of awe which goes deep within us.The skies will always dance and the dance is eternal and never ending.Light is never constant, it is always changing and with that change comes life.


It doesn’t matter of you don’t achieve what you thought might happen when you are photographing. Tonight at the Solitude Tree it had the potential to fire up and lite the sky from one end of the earth to the other side. All the ingredients were there but it didn’t happen. Having said that I’m still happy with the moody shot that I still captured and there are times when you don’t get what you were hoping for and that’s like life.

You may not get what you were hoping for and yet, down the track you’ll be able to reflect back on that moment and see why. It doesn’t take the pain away of it was something that you had your heart set on but you will be wiser for it in time.

The Solitude Tree is like that for me. I see it almost every day and in many ways it is becoming my own crazy sense of communion with God. I stand and observe, I have chats with Him and in the process of all that, many things are revealed to me. There are times when it can be very emotional while there.

There are things that I still don’t understand within my own life in what has taken place, I have no answers for it, no answers for the special people whom I’ve lost over time, for the things that seemed certain that are no longer, for the promises made to you  and yet in a flash, they are no more but what I do know is that life is to be live in fullness now. Letting go of the past is hard and yet vital for your survival.


Change is all around us. Nothing stays the same. The Solitude is an example of that. These images were taken on the same morning and they were only 20 minutes from the first image to the last image that was taken.

 I went there hoping for a rainbow as things were coming together but it didn’t happen but thats ok, as in the context of time, there is another day. What I like about the first image as it hit me harder than ever before, is that no matter how dark things may appear to you, there is always a strip of light waiting to burst through. All you need to do is allow it in and the more you allow in, the brighter it will get.

You may have the shadowy areas appearing every now and again and that is life. No one has it all together. Many people may give that appearance but nothing could be further from the truth. We all have our difficult moments in life and yes, some have more than others.

None of us are exempt from it as this is life. This is how it is for all of us but the dark times don;t have to remain dark as we have choices to allow the light in. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be the shadows of life hanging around every now and again as that’slife but over time, the light will become more pronounced.

We just need to be open to it. I myself had a troubled childhood. My father was an alcoholic and at the age of 16 I found out that he wasn’t my birth father but rather the uncle I knew all of my life was my real father. My life is complicated but I share this just to let you know my writings are not based a pie in the sky stuff but come from deep within as like others, I’ve had my dark times.

At the age of 14 I made a promise to myself and God that I would never drink alcohol and to this day I haven’t. When you see the very dark side of it, and you see how the the media glorifies it  and you know what happens behind closed doors, well that gives you a totally different out look on things in that area.

At the end of the day it is up to us to allow the light to take control and to move forward.

We are the ones that can control our own state of being to a point and if we can be strong end, we can turn our own mental state around. What I went through as a child I would not want to wish on anyone but at the end of the day, I took on the attitude that I wasn’t going to allow that to reflect on a negative attitude to life.

The final picture of the day, although not spectacular, signifies to me, we’ll always have the shadowy areas in our lives that we need to work on but overall, the light will dominate if we allow it and it will be splashed with form, light, texture and life.



On this night I went to see that The Solitude is doing. It was cold, freezing but I felt compelled to check it out. At this time of the year the sun sets to the far right of the tree and is not in the shot. If the sunset is dramatic enough, it will splash the colour across the skies.Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

On this night it wasn’t dramatic but more gentle in its arrangement of colour and texture.

The seasons change and over the summer I have had brown grasses, they have all gone and all that lies there is dirt and with a touch of green coming through. Winter will bring its own delights and that is why I love photography as every season will bring you different clolors and with that comes different emotions.


It’s the simple things that bring me the greatest pleasure in life. You don’t have to spend anything but your time to enjoy what is above you. I’m loving my time with The Solitude Tree as I see it in all sorts of light. There are still some emotions that I still need to capture with The Solitude Tree that hasn’t happened as yet, but thats ok as it is always great to be standing out there and simply observing .

Have you ever stood in one spot for an hour or two and just opened your eyes to see what is happening around you? Not many people do. Photographers who are patient will understand what I’m referring to.

It’s when you are in one spot, knowing that you can’t move as you are waiting for the moment,  that will encapsulate what you are hoping to capture. Sometimes that happens and other times, it an endurance test. As I stand there my eyes are always looking around, on the ground, above me, scouting the horizon and you’ll be amazed at what you see when you have nothing else to do. It’s rewarding on so many levels. You’ll also be surprised what is moving around your feet as most of us tend not to look on the ground.

I’m ever grateful that I have a deep love for the skies. Many will think it strange but for me , it’s just so inspiring to look skyward to see His canvas everyday.That’s the awesome beauty about what is above us, although it is above us, from a photography point of view, it actually make the picture complete in my eyes. Think of the many awesome photographs that are of landscapes that leave a lasting impression on you and would have an awesome sky which you may not even be aware of. Food for thought.


Winter is fast approaching and the rainbow has alluded me to this point in time. There is s slight green tinge coming through and in time this field will be an intense green as no crops have been planted for this season. As time go on I hope to be able to score more that one  rainbow here but one has to be here at the right time of day. For the rainbow to appear over the tree, I need it to rain in the morning and for the sun to pop out and if that happens, then getting my rainbow will be an event that I will never take for granted.

I never get sick of seeing the rainbow, no matter what shape or form that it takes as it is a sign given to us from above. I know we all see life differently and I do respect that but from my point of view, I see it as God’s promise that he will never flood the earth again. This is written in the old book. ( The Bible) This is why He sent the rainbow to us as his sign . It’s a free gift to admire and whether we believe that or not, you still get to enjoy the awesome rainbow that forms when the elements come together at the right time.


Since my last posting the winter has come, the field is now green, no crops have been planted this year and the skies are ever changing.I shot this as I liked the semi silhouette of the tree against the sky with the foreground not lit up. As the afternoon went on the sun did come out and the grass was vivid green but I chose this because the sky was much better. I actually also did some time lapse photography ( which I have been doing all year thus far) here but sadly I had a wrong setting on the camera and it was just too hard to correct.I stuffed up but there is another day that is before me.

What was happening in this picture was the low cloud was moving from left to right and the light whispering cloud was moving right to left on a  45 degree angle. It was awesome to see both levels of cloud moving in different directions.

It also reminded me  of that fact that many see the clouds and just assume that they are either standing still or moving the same way. I still have just under half the year to go to record the time lapse to show you this as it is fascinating.

It’s a bit like life don’t you think. Sometimes we think we are heading in one direction but behind the scenes, we are being shown another direction to go and it is up to use whether we go with that or continue on our path.

For me personally I’m heading in one direction but I know deep inside there is another direction for me and the tide is going like this cloud which is before me.

I will change to the direction that I think I’m being pulled in but it is knowing the right time to take it. I do know that it is getting closer and closer. Time will reveal that. I’m a firm believer when the door shuts for you, you don;t force it open, you wait for the next door. I know for myself the door to what I have always done is slowly closing and the other other door is slowly opening and it is giving me a glimpse of what could be.


Light is always changing and so are the clouds.Different clouds will deliver different emotions, different textures  are not better than the other.Some will appeal to others more but that is the nature of photography, the nature of the skies.

For me, I love them no matter how they are exposed to be me. The skies deliver so much emotion to myself  and this morning was no different.

I spent the hour doing time lapse there and as I stood there, I felt every blessed to see the Solitude Tree being static as the clouds were dancing around it. Wanting to play and dance was the order of the day. Creeping shadows added to the different elements of the morning. Spring is in the air and what will be next is anyone guess.


In the last 48 hours Adelaide has had a lot of rain, hail and storms. The aoumt of water that has fallen from the heavens has been significant. Creeks have broken their banks, cars have been sweept away with people trying to cross the flooded rivers when they should not have.

Today I went to the Solitude Tree, hoping to do some time lapse photography but it was not possible. I was only able to shoot a handful of pics and the time lapse , I started it but with the wind was howling  I don’t think it will come out to well as the camera was vibrating with the howling wind.

While I was getting a few still pics in, I couldn’t help but think of all of the winters that this tree has endured, all of the storms that it has endured and yet, it still stands. Over the course of time, I’m sure it has lost a few limbs but still it stands.

Standing in my shorts( and yes my legs were a little cold ) in my spot I could but see the tree at times, leaning high up, at full stretch and yet, it still look at home with itself.

In a  day or two the strong winds will stop and life for this tree will get back to some normality.

In our life we have the storms that come and go, the tough times when we think everyone is against us and we have to dig deep to keep going, to keep our heads above the water line.

Today was a reminder for me that in the midst of the storm, there will come a time when it passes and the tree goes back to enjoying the things around it and likewise with us, the storms come and they might rage for some time but there comes a time when the storm passes and our lives will move to the next phase of our life.We just have to be patient and await the change that may be before us.

These images were taken in extremely strong winds and there were times it was hard to stand still and point the camera without being blown about. Such is life at the Solitude tree.


The great thing about Photography is that it’s unpredictable as the light is always changing and when you think that nothing is going to happen, the light makes you re think again and again. The next series of pictures were taken with 30 minutes of each other.

When you have the clouds, winds and changing light, the results are always going to be inspiring. What I have learnt over the years of taking pictures is that you should never have the attitude that nothing is going to happen.Well many years of taking pictures has taught me that anything is possible if you are patient enough.

If you are prepared to sit and wait to see what might happen, then you will be surprised for most of the time. If nothing happens and things don’t change, its not a waste of time as it gives you a time to be out doors and to sit and reflect on life. Life can be so busy that often we don’t sit and reflect on life but with photography you can.



There are moments while photographing the Solitude when you are there just at the right time. This next series of shots I feel are some of the best that I have taken of the tree. I arrived and it was raining on and off and i decide to simply stay to see what would happened. There were light showers, nothing heavy and it as too long that these amazing awesomeskies made their presence felt. .

They were breath taking and full of so much form and texture and the body of the cloud was a delight to take. It is moments like this that you wonder when is it the best time to shoot as every passing minute things were changing before your eyes, the light, the form of the clouds , the gaps  and so on.All of these elements were giving me some of the best moments with this tree. I just kept clicking away and then I stood still for a few moments to take it all in. She stands there so graceful and who know how long the tree has been standing but it has endured many storms, blistering summers and the extreme cold of the winter. Yet the tree still survives.

There are so many wonderful shots that came out of the session with The Solitude but if I have a favorite then this is it. It embodies all that I’m looking for in a shot like this. I love the long shadows in the foreground and these for me add to the picture and they symbolize the darkness  and yet beyond the darkness of life we have the light and when we see the light we will see life ona far better and uplifting way.

As the light fades as the sun goes behind the cloud, it creates a strong silhouette and this in itself gives a different mood to the pictures.When the sun pops out,it is different yet again.

What I loved about this session was the changing light and what they created along with the shadows in the foreground.I did timelapse here on this day and I have seen it and it really shows you well the direction of the cloud and how things are moving is all sorts of directions.


A little time has passed as I have been away running my own Photo Tours and now I’m seeing the sun gradually making its way back to The Solitude Tree. At the time of writing this it is setting way to the right of the tree and in a few months the sun will be behind the tree once again.I can’t wait for that time.

I’m amazed that the ground is still so green. At this time of year things are browning off as the warmer weather is on the way. Over the coming months, I hope to get lightning behind the The Solitude Tree. We don’t get a lot of lightning in  Adelaide and when it does happen over the summer, I’m usually away on assignment. I so hope that this year I might be able to capture lightning over it.

On this night the skies were going off. I took my time lapse gear but sadly I had some issues with it  and that wasn’t possible. So there was one shot that I got in and this is it. The light was always changing, the clouds were awesome and a stormed rolled in and this would have been awesome on the time lapse but this wasn’t to be. Not everything goes to plan and as I said to myself at the time, ” There is always tomorrow” and so I will wait for the next time to do my timelapse over The Solitude Tree.

This image was taken in camera using a 3 stop ND Grad Filter. The same things can be done in post production but wherever I can, I try to get as much right in camera as possible.


20th October

This morning there had been rain on and off. I drove there hoping to get a full rainbow above The Solitude Tree. As I drove there the rainbow was there the whole way. I kept looking skyward with  and occasionally watching the road. When I arrive I missed it by 10 seconds and things changed ever so quickly. It doesn’t always turn out the way you thought the shot might. I still hung about and the images for this segment were still worthy to be added in.

24th October

There are times when you can never predict a sunset and how it is going to explored and give you something that you never thought was possible. Tonight was just one of those nights.

It was a warmish evening, warmer than what is expected at this time of year and usually when that happens the results have the potential to be amazing. On this night the colours were trying to burst through but just were strong enough but the pleasant surprise came in how the colours made their presence felt.The picture above was how it started out. When Vicki and i arrived there, this is what we saw. The rain came and most would pack up and go and I trued to Vicki and said” It;s times like this, you just need to stick around as after the rain clears, you never know what lies behind it.”

As the evening went on, little did we know what we were going to be blessed with. As the night was drawing to a close, the greys and blues were the predominate colours and  it finished the way it started. This is amazing and comforting place for me and later I will reveal why.

26th October

The conditions where ideal for something special to take place. It was 30C, hot northerly winds and we drove to the Solitude Tree and when we arrived , like the previous trip, it was grey and over time things changed and we were once again blessed with colours that only God himself could throw together in the way he does.

As I mentioned on the previous entry , there are times that you just don’t know what is going to take place.

When I arrive at a spot for sunset or sunrise, there are times when I think I know what is going to take place. As we drove to this place , I turned to Vicki and said” This has massive potential to really go off. As long as you have a gap on the horizon, it mans that anything is possible.

Even if there is no gap, you can be wonderfully surprised as there still might be a gap that you can’t see. Therefore you never leave the spot until you are sure that the sun has well and truly gone. If nothing has not happened 10-15minurs after the sun have gone down  , then it won’t.


What follows next is a cross section showing you the progression of the evening.The colours were always changing and during the course of the evening I was able to get the timelapse happening on the camera which I was delighted with.

A little time has passed as I have been away a lot of late. When I get back from running my Photo Tour workshops and day workshops I always look forward in visiting this tree. Throughout the course of the year, this simple tree with the cows in its field has become a place of refuge. There are times when I have come here and no picture has been taken or the conditions are not right but it is always still good to be here. What amazes me and I don’t post everything that I have seen here in the course of the year but I often wonder if this tree could talk, the stories that it could tell. It stands their and no matter what the weather throws up at it, it is still there. It survives and has stood the passage of time.

I’m approaching the end of the year and the one thing that I have not shot above it is lightning. The time that lightning has been in Adelaide I have been away. Hence I will be extending my time with the Solitude Tree until that time comes. Even when the project has been completed, I think this is in my soul and if the weather conditions are dramatic, I think I will be called to this tree time and time again.


One would think that I would become sick of paying The Solitude Tree a visit. No way, every time I arrive there, there is always a gentle sky hovering over head and my soul feels at peace and it’s a peace that I don’t have any words for. I wish I had a place that when I looked out the window, I could see such a tree. Maybe in the future that will take place. Time will be the answerto that thought.



What amazes me each time that I go to pay a visit to the tree, there is always something different happening.

Sometimes I have been asked how long to I spend at the time at any given time. It all depends what is happening above, it always depends how I’m feeling at the time and it also depends how windy  it is.

The only place that I can park is under a tree and if it is very windy, it worries me that a massive bow from the tree will come crashing down upon myself. The tress where I’m parked are massive and if one bow was to come crashing to the ground, then that would be the end of me.

 Having said the above, on average I’m there between 1-2 hours at a time time. Some may think this is a long time but it really isn’t. When you spend time long enough at one place and sit there for a while and obsrve what is going on above you, in front of you, to the sides and even beneath you, you’ll be surprised how the time goes so quickly and what you are exposed to.



So why this picture?

During…… To be continued…


When I visit The Solitude Tree I never know what is going to happen. You hope for the dramatic sunset and that doesn’t always happen but when it does when you least expect it, it always sends a shiver down my spine. I love the glow that is reflected back into one’s face, I love how the intense golden colors light up everything that is in front of it. I also adore the reflective light and what it does behind me. When I stand it’s too hard to shoot behind me but some times, what is happening behind is more dramatic and intense that what is happening in front of me.

Jan 12 2018

Two  things that this photography thing has taught me over 30 plus years that is that nothing is ever predicable and if you spend time in a place, you will always be amazed how things can change in the course of the time that you are there. These shots were all taken on the same day . I know I have said this point before but it still excites me to the core to know the unpredictability of photography is predictable .


Summer can bring in a few wonderful unexpected storms. The one thing that I’m longing for over The Solitude Tree is lightning. This has alluded me thus far. When I’m not here the lightning makes it’s presence felt, when I’m here it’s just not happening. The other night there was a small storm that came across. At 2 am I heard the thunder. I fell out of bed, fell outside and by the time all that happened which was not long, the thunder stopped and there was no lightning to be seen my way. I heard later on the flats of Adelaide they had some patches of lightning but nothing dramatic. So the waiting game is on and do I have the patience to wait, sure do.

To have such an arrangement in colour explosions to dark stormy clouds in the one afternoon through to the evening is something that will always leave me in awe.



On the 21st of January Adelaide had an awesome light show put on by the Master himself. Where I live we didn’t get it till much later compared to the city of Adelaide.

I said to Vicki when we heard the first rumble of the thunder, “ we gotta go to The Solitude Tree as this may be our chance to get lightning above the tree.

I wasn’t wrong. The thunder was loud, intense and the blood was pumping. This was the moment that I had been waiting for sometime.

The only down side for the adventure was that I left our torches home so it was an interesting task to get the tree in focus in the dark. I was in my little car and I turned it facing the tree but the lights on the little machine were totally pathetic and it proved to be useless.

The only way I could get the tree in focus was to boost my ISO up to 12,000, take a shot, look at it in the viewfinder and then keep doing that and moving the focus ring until I had it. I did this for both Vicki’s and my own cameras.

I could have gone home and got the torches, that would have meant a 20 minutes turn around and at that stage I had no idea how long the lightning was going to last for.

The lightning didn’t reach where I live until around about 9.30pm but the city had it on sunset and I’ve seen some stunning shots since with lightning coming from the sunset clouds which is not normal for Adelaide.

So once set up it was just a matter of sitting back and waiting to see what we would get. The time flew so quickly as we closed up shop at 1.30am.

I have a saying that I created many years ago and that is,” the shot doesn’t come to you, you have to go to it” That also means no matter what time of the day or morning that might be.

How more civil would it be for the lightning to arrive in the hours that you wanted it to.

I chose this image for the image to start the blog off as the lightning is like an umbrella over the tree. That is the great thing about the lightning, you can never tell exactly where it is going to strike, nor can you tell of the shape and form that it will take.

That is what makes shooting lightning so exciting. It’s that sense of expectation, the unknown becoming known and you just gotta love that.

The Solitude Tree is my place of refuge in many ways as it is a place where I’m doing what I love most and that is taking pictures and in this case, I’m recording my journey with the tree.


Working on this project has brought so many rewards. One of them most important lessons that comes from this on going project is to see the changes in each season and this teaches us that one can never have the attitude, been there done that. I hope you are enjoying this blog on the Solitude Tree.


The Solitude project was meant to have finished on the 31st December but it still goes on. I have extended it as there is one final shot that I’m waiting for. This is a shot that can only be achieved at certain times of the year and if the weather is not right for it, you can’t get the shot and you have to wait for the next moment in time to be able to shoot it. So when that has been completed, then it will be closed.  I think even when this closes I will still visit the Solitude Tree for reasons that will be revealed later.

I haven’t been in Adelaide much since the beginning of the year. The image below was taken today. The storm was building up, it did deliver a little rain  and the time lapse on this segment shows all of the cloud moving from right to left. When the overall time lapse video is completed, you will see how the clouds over time comes from all directions. This is a result of the direction of the wind at the time.


This tree never ceases to amaze me.Winter has arrived in sorts. The rains have come much later and it has taken a while for things to green up. I love the freshness of the green at the Solitude Tree.While I was standing there tonight I met a little friend whom seemed to be comfortable with me being there. A little mouse was buzzing between my tripod and his adventure play ground beneath my feet. There were times when it would just look up at me. I was expecting it to just run for its life but it was contented to just move freely about with glances at me. It was just one of those simple moments  and yet it was something that was treasured by myself.

It’s been a little while since I have been at the Solitude Tree due to this years programe but this tree has become my point of refuge given the intense cyber bullying that has been directed to myself and my partner Vicki. As time goes, more details of this will be revealed but this year we have seen the evilness of several people who one would have never thought would do the things that they did.They then brought other people into the situation whom we didn’t even know. With what they have done, it it was the other way around, I wonder how these cowards would have coped.

There personalities are such that if I said so and so did this, did that, no one would believe me because of the persona of each person. Cowards hide behind false accounts, false names and once exposed as they now have been, use all of the nonsense to justify their actions which was evil and appalling.

To target Vicki who is the sweetest person, who has the best heart I know of any human being was a disgusting act of cowardliness when Vicki has never had any dealings with these people ever.

Throughout this time, The Solitude has become my place of refuges, my place of shelter and my place of reflection.


With The Solitude there is still one shot that alludes me that will complete the project. I have already pick a subject for my next project and have made a few visits to it. Project is still on the move. In recent times I have been in Africa running our two sold out tours and since being home, I’ve not had a lot of time home but was at the tree a few days ago and will post soon.The Solitude is just that for me. As I have mentioned before, the last 12 months have been a challenge with cyber bulling .These people thought they were clever hiding behind fake accounts,names and everytime I came to the tree it was my refuge and still is. The people responsible think they maybe off the hook, but they will face their day in court when the time is right. When I stand before the tree looking out over the changing light , it always puts life into perspective and you know what’s important in life and you know that the things that people like this inflict on you is an act cowardness  and its a reflection of their own insecurities as people and they fail the grasp the important things in life.More will be reported on that later.


The winds were strong today and the timelapse will be interesting as I had to hold the tripod down with my hands as it was shaking a bit so the time spent there may have been a waste of time but the still images that have emerged from the session was worth freezing in the wind.The skies were awesome and I keep saying and I’m sure people are sick of me stating this but I adore the skies and the skies is what brings me the most pleasure when it comes to landscapes.


What the pictures don’t show is how strong the winds have been and how cold it has been. I’ve been adding to the time lapse with the Solitude Tree and there was one point where the tripod blew over and I first thought the worse for the camera. It had mud on it but apart from that it is working a treat. So when the winds are strong I now stand alongside the tripod pod holding it down freezing my Butt off. I know that you can have stones in a  bag etc to weigh the tripod down as I have done that in the past but the winds that we have been having of late  still would blow it over as they are gale force. Am I standing there with my shorts on, yes I am. I know what a goose I am but I wear shorts 365 days a year. The exception to that is if it is snowing then common sense prevails.


I’m loving the time lapse that I’m doing at the Solitude Tree and in time when the project is completed, I will be posting it. I do think people for reading about the Solitude Tree. If you have followed this from the beginning, I hope you will see how things will always look differently and nothing is ever the same and that’s the nature of photography. One can never have the attitude, been there done that.


Photography is all ab0ut patience and I was so close today to completing the Solitude Tree Project. Things were heading in the right direction when the weather turned the way that prevented the completion of the project. That doesn’t concern me as I still love working on this project.


I’ve had a number people ask me is the Solitude Tree project still happening and the answer is yes. I’m waiting for one last shot and I have got close but it still evades me but I’ll keep trying. Last week we had an awesome lightning show, it was stunning. I was at the tree and I arrived there at 2 am but the crazy thing is, my face was lit up with the most impressive lightning show that you could wish to see but in all that time I was there from 2am through to 6am, the lightning struck everywhere but not behind the tree. Can you believe that? I knew what I wanted and left my tripod there with the self timer happening and I didn’t score one image that was worth posting.If I had turned my camera either right or left I could have captured the lightning but then there would be no tree.

When shooting lightning I like to have a purpose and importantly, I strong foreground in the shot and the tree was just that. If I had gone somewhere else, then I would have scored the shot but for me, it was working with the tree and in this case it did not work.Having said that, it was blinding and one that I’ll never forget. Although the shot eluded me, it did give me an opportunity to sit back and be in awe of God’s awesome power and the way He paints His canvas across the skies with the lightning is something that I had no words for. It was simply stunning. So there are times when it works for you and there are times when it doesn’t and in this case, it didn’t. Although given South Australia had over 200,000 lightning strikes, you think that I might had scored one shot but not to be. That’s life as a photographer.


The skies of late have been outstanding and for those who know me, you know that I’m mad about them and have been since I was a little boy. So it was back to the Solitude Tree  to see what was happening there with the awesomeskies. The following shots is a sample of what I saw and capture over the time there.

As a photographer I’m always looking to still grow as a photographer, to explore new angles and I want the tree to be still the centre of my picture so I thought it was time that I’d get low to the ground, very low to the ground. It is different and I do like the effect. It is so strange to still have green grass for November. Normally at this time of year it is turning brown. In other parts of where I live the landscape is changing to the browns but in this field,green still reigns supreme for the time being.

These e shots were all taken over 2 hours and there were others taken and if you look at the middle picture, you’ll see the sun has dipped behind the cloud. The reason that I posted it in between these two others so you can see the effect that the sun has on your pictures. There are times when it is worth waiting for the sun to light up everything in the picture. There are also times when you don’t want the sun but in this case, I prefer for the sun to be there.

I have started on my next project. it is a lot further away from where I live but won’t post it until this is finally competed. When it is completed, will I still go to the Solitude Tree, yep, I certainly will.


Have you ever had one of those awful days with Technology. Yesterday was one for myself. At the beginning of the this special project I mentioned that I’m also doing time lapse on the Solitude Tree which I have been doing over the last two years. Although I havev’t got my last shot as yet, I thought that I should at least post the timeslapse.

Technology and myself don’t get along at the best of times. I’m not sure how it happened but I lost everything to do with the time lapse grrr. I’m not sure how this happened. I upgraded Adobe Premier, that’s the programe that I use to edit vision that I take and maybe that had something to do with it.

On a positive note, I still have all of the original files, on a mental note I have to get my head around  and start the  editing process right from scratch . So late yesterday I started doing just that and this is going to take some time.

The shot below wasn’t taken on the 19th. Also the field is still green although it is now just starting to turn to the golden browns  as the warmer weather is making its way to us here in Adelaide.

I sigh with the technology that we have. The younger ones would know what to do straight away as they have grown up with it, people like myself, are always running to catch up. I never do catch up but manage to know enough to get me by but when major things like this happens, well, I’m running last in that race. So a walk to clear the head and then to knuckle down and start the process all over again in between my quiet moments.:)


Today I was at the Solitude Tree and below is just one of the images taken but I will add more as the day started out with slight rain and I had to wait for it to stop as rain on the lens is not a good look. Then the spits stopped, the clouds actually disappeared to the point where there was very little in the sky and then it came back rolling in.

While I was out there I had a missed call from Australia Photography and always nice to touch base with those who appreciate what you are doing. During  the 5 minutes talk the sky was going off and one thing that this self project has taught me, is that if you stay long enough at one place, if you have the patience to do so, anything is possible when it comes to the weather. It was just a stunning morning at the office, a very good office at that and came at a good time.


Have you ever wondered how I do my time lapse. I was at the Solitude on this morning as I was making way to see my awesome son today and the clouds were going off so a little detour was  the most logical thing. So for those who are reading this blog, this is my set up for the timelapse.


When all the elements come together, it is time to go for a drive. The best time are the times when you don’t want to as it may be too hot, too windy, storm clouds but these are the perfect times to go photographing. Today was an amazing day, the storms were rolling in, gale force winds and both Rosepetal ( Vicki) and myself decided to hit the road and blaze the trail to chase the storms. We went past the Solitude Tree and I was hoping to do some time lapse with the dramatic skies that were fast approaching. The winds were so so strong that it made the time lapse an almost impossible task to do.

I did start it but the wind kept blowing the table, blowing the slider and in the end, we had to abandon that idea. What was I thinking? Well the skies were epic and it would have been awesome to have had them feature in a time lapse. The little I did take in terms of the time lapse is not really up to the normal standard due to the wind. Whether I do add it to the time lapse video that I’m working on, I’m not sure but the skies were epic. Below are a few pics from the hour spent in the howling winds at the Solitude Tree.

As the winds were gale force, I stood there thinking how many storms it has endured and yet, it still standing tall and proud.

Below that is a little video that we did on the day that features the Solitude briefly.


Its been a while since I have posted as I’m still waiting for the final shot that hasn’t taken place as yet. So until I get that, I will continue to post from the tree when I’m here and the skies are going off.

Tonight was such an amazing night as when I arrived, the clouds were going off and it looked like it was going to be such a delightful and awe inspiring sunset. Then out of the blue the clouds started disappearing and it looked like that all was lost.

The picture below is the scene when I arrived and I was so pumped up in side. The crazy thing was, we had a week of 42C plus temperatures throughout the week and it was so hot. The day after that weather I was standing here freezing at the tree. It was so cold and yet , the coming week will be going back to the 38C through to 42C. This weather is simply crazy at the moment.

The next picture simple shows the skies have departed and what the image doesn’t show here that the cloud on the horizon was making it way towards me but the majority of the cloud simply formed above me which rarely happens in this spot.The scene looks very ordinary and I was so tempted to leave but my years of knowledge has taught me, you can never know the final outcome as there can be those unexpected moments and surprises and I’m so glad that I listened to my gut reaction to stay.

The lesson out of this, is that you can never predict the sunrise and sunsets. What you can predict is that it is unpredictable and one should always stay to the end. The glow was much more intense than this picture shows as some colors are hard to get right when you post the shot.

When you are standing there with such a glow, you can’t help marvel at the Creator  and how the canvas is painted for us to enjoy as this is a free gift to us all.


The simple things in life are the most rewarding. I’m seeing this more and more and in the last few years it is being continually being reinforce to me through nature.Standing at the tree does the heart wonders and it doesn’t have to be this tree. No matter where I am within nature, it serves the same purpose and has the same results.

During my time at the Solitude Tree, I’ve been doing a time lapse each time and in time, the best of the timelapse will be posted later. The production of the timelapse has started but as I mentioned some time ago, I’m just waiting for one particular session and this session and this project will close.

It is interesting, the last picture posted above is every similar to another posted a while ago and both are taken so far apart. It is amazing that you can almost get an identical picture including the clouds over time. I thought that this would never be possible. Can you pick the other shot?

Jan 2021.. To be posted soon…


Feb 2021

One might think that after 4 years working on this project, one would be tired of photographing The Solitude Tree . Nothing could be further from the truth. Every encounter offers such rewarding moments in photography and always enriches my soul.After working on this project for so long, one of things that it reinforces to me is my love for the skies above me. I just love the skies, love what they stand for  and who made them and why they were made. How is it that I can still get so excited, be so moved by the skies that I have been photographing since I was a child? … For those who might be wondering how is the time lapse video going? At this stage it runs for 20 minutes and although it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, time lapse on one subject but what it will show you, how one tree encompasses so much.

March 2021

These two images were taken during  the session while doing the time lapse. When you start a time lapse, you have no idea how things are going to pan out. You have no idea if the time lapse will be worth the effort and that’s part of the endevour. Being surprised by your time lapse pictures is an experience that you can’t explain.It was dark and stormy and when I arrived there was light rain falling which can be a pain . During this time lapse, there were three light showers. The cameras kept on rolling taking a frame every 3 seconds.

The above is when the time lapse was started. Close to the 1st frame. The bottom image is not the last frame but is 15 minutes before the last frame was taken.

May 2022

Clouds always rock my world. The time lapse of the picture below is sensational and I hope you enjoy what the clouds are doing in this scene when the time lapse will be finally released later on in the year. I never get tired of seeing what the clouds do in the sky. They dance from all different directions which amazes me. There are times when you set the camera and slider up and you think you know what the skies are doing until you see the action of the time lapse.

There are time lapses of The SolitudeTree where you can have 2-3 different types of clouds in the one time lapse where they are coming from all different directions. They move at different speeds and then you have the clouds forming right in from you . It’s stunning.