Skyward Aerial Photography gives you different perspective . Pete and Vicki will be able to enhance your product to another level with their skills in flying their drones to capture your project. Skyward Aerial Photography is a sub division of Pete Dobré Photography.

If you are looking for someone to film your project, your locations, your business, real-estate, cinematography for filming making, short films, industrial, commercial  then no job is beyond what Skyward Aerial Photography  can do for you. Below is a sample of their work from Skyward Aerial Photography.


The Silos project was a great brief as I love things that are different  and this was. You can see the vision below . I love the creativity of people and that is what I found so exciting doing this job.

The brief for this client was to shoot the location and showing the setting where people can go for the most amazing ” Getaway” Both Vicki and myself had a ball doing this project like we do for all of our clients. We also had to incorporate still photography of the inside of the Pod . This took us a week to shoot and to complete as we had to work with  the weather. We could have  shot this over 3 days instead of 7 but we are both wanting to give the client the best that we can and if that means adding a few more days onto the brief , then we do.You can see the Drone vision below and this was given to SA Tourism for their marketing campaigns.

Working on this project for the client was an education. What Vicki and I love about the work that we do is what we learn along the way. Working with Michael on the farm for this project was a joy and it’s amazing to see how farm technology is changing all the time and it is a honor to record these changes.

In this brief we were contacted by our client to cover the happenings of the Salt Works. We both love new projects as to shoot for this brief we had to do our homework on the subject and to be in contact with our client to make sure we were on the same page. Both parties, ( which includes us as well) had to be patient as it took time waiting  for the right conditions for flying as we just didn’t have it to start with. When the weather was sort of ok, we have very strong winds and this made it unsafe for flying. When the winds were strong, we had the light that we were after. In time , we achieved the end result and our client as very patient and understanding  and understood why we had to wait for the window of opportunity to present itself. It was great to be told by our client that we were extremely professional in how we handled ourselves and we will considering us for their NSW and Queensland operations. This was such a delight to work on this project as there were so many aspects to it. This is just a snippet to what we did.

Below is a sample of the Real Estate work that we do for our clients.







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The Vision for this job was shot over 7 days and although it could have completed in 3, we wanted to make sure we gave the client the best possible out come and working with the weather at times, mean taking a little longer to give the client the best. For the client they had a short version and a long version for this project. This gave them several options in how they want to market their business.