Share The Moment


Every second of every day there are millions of pictures that are taken. No matter where you are, you’re not far away from where a  picture is being taken.We all take pictures for different reasons and there are places that we visit that can leave a lasting impression on us and all for reasons that are special  and unique to each of us.

In my top 10  of awe inspiring places where I have photographed this place called The Wave in America is one of these. I remember when I first saw this area I was blown away by the textures , the shapes, the design and how God has combined so much of His creativity in this one area.

Humanity builds its structures and at times we marvel and some call them beautiful but true beauty can not be manufactured in my opinion. Metal, bolts, glass all have there place but for me, the true beauty is found in nature, found in the natural world, found where there are no hidden agendas, no egos and many of these natural structures stand the essence of time.

For me coming across this awe inspiring place, one really does realize what God has put together and how it  does inspire, it does move us, it also evokes such deep emotions deep down.

For me it is not hard to be moved and even reduced to tears of what God has put together but I cant remember being moved to tears looking at a building, or a new car etc. Why is that?

Well we all have different answer for that but for me, it is clear and obvious. Many will not agree with my answers and that’s totally ok, this is my world view, my outlook on this and I respect it if you do differ here.

I know what moves me deep down when I look at the natural world, for me I’m moved as I stand in awe at the wonderful acts of creation that God has put together for us to enjoy. When I stand before this stunning scene, Im quickly reminded how small I am in the bigger picture but no less significant. I am also reminded why God has given these things to us.

Standing before His creativity I am reminded how sad it is that there is tension in the world, that people express deep hatred to each other and what for?It’s seems meaningless and futile. We have a world that has been given to us, that can be shared by all no mater what race or creed you are  and no matter what your worldview is.

I stood there looking at The Wave  to simply marvel at God’s handiwork. I love His canvas that lies above me as most of you know and every day He is painting that with different colors and textures and now the earthy colors and textures are equally impressive for different reasons.

I need to state and I need to make this clear, just because I believe in God and feel indebted to what He has done for me and for giving me my gift, by no means  am I perfect, by no means I have all the answers and by no means do i stand above anyone else. I have my faults and my struggles . What pleases me though is , although ‘Im fallen as a person, I still can marvel at what He has created for us all.

When I stand before awe inspiring scenes, for me , it is better  and more fulfilling to be standing there with someone to share it with. We are made as social beings, we are conceived in the act of being social as an expression of deep love.

Next time you go out shooting, take a friend and share the experience, share the joy, share the emotion and share the wonder and delight  and you’ll be surprise what extra emotions that will evoke deep within you:)

“ For He spoke, and it came to be:he commanded, and it stood firm.” Psalm 33.9


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