Yorke Peninsula & Beyond – 2018


 Dates – 6th October – 13 th October 2018

Cost $3195 based on min 5. less than 5 $3950

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

BSB 105 144

Acc 031 029 940

Bank SA

Swift Code  SGBLAU2S

Routing Number ( USA Banks ) 021000021

What’s included – Transport , pick up from the Airport motel 9.30am or any hotel that you might be staying in the city and transport back to the Airport motel and to where you are leaving Adelaide within the city area. Breakfast and Dinner included, park passes, Pete’s teaching sessions. Lunches are not included.

Less than 5 Breakfast is included but lunches and dinner are not.

Join Pete and Vicki on this Photo Tour whcih show cases the photographic wonders of this awesome area. This tour needs a min of 3 for it to run.

img_6763webI’ve just returned in planning my latest photo Tour bases on another stunning part of South Australia. In the coming weeks, this will be completed and this like my other photo tours will have many different layers to it. This will cover exoctic beaches, farming themes, lighthouses and a few surprises thrown in.

I’m very excited about this Photo Tour like all of my other Photo Tours as my aim is to have wonderful subjects to shoot that will leave you inspired. watch this space….. Pete:)



Checking out the locals is always something that we do as the locals give you joy in your pics that can’t be measured in words.




This place offers a sense of freedom, open wide spaces and a chance to really chill and take it all in.


As I mentioned the locals are always an important of any of my tours and here the locals just drop in for a chat to catch up on the latest in the lives of the guests.




img_7158lrThe locals love having a Canon Lesson in how to best shoot their own sea scapes. they are very attentive and they are the perfect students.