Whales Photography Tour 2018


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The Whales Photography Tour


Date 10th-15th July 2018 Sold Out

Min of 4 people for the workshop to run.

Join Pete and Vicki and the whales on this stunning photo opportunity.

With the other costs that are not included in this trip, if you put away $50 a week, you will have enough for the trip. So start saving, at the time of writing this it is a year to the trip which at $50 a week will give you $2600 which should cover 95% of your cost.

2018 will be here before you know it, but now is the time to start saving if this trip is for you. Min numbers for this to go ahead is 4.

The cost of this doesn’t include your airfares as you make your way own way to Sydney and doesn’t include your accommodation or evening meals and breakfast. Lunch is included as this is apart of the The whales Photography Tour.Also included is a session at the a amazing  Madame Tussuds Wax Museum. Below you will see some pics that I took this year. I spent 3 hours in there  and although not massively big, it is still very impressive. More about that below.

Accommodation is up to you but I’ll be staying at the Ibis Hotel at Kings Street Wharf at Darling Harbor. Now if you plan on staying at the same place, just be aware that there are two Ibis Hotels at Darling Harbor . The reason that I’m staying here is because it is literally a 90 second walk from the harbor and 3 minutes from where you catch the boat from. The reason on this trip that I’m leaving your accommodation  up to the guests to arrange  is because as you may have family in Sydney whom you can say with or friends or you may be able find a cheaper option.

How can you save for this? Most people have 3-4 cups a coffee a day and lets be conservative,at $4.00 a cup on 3 cups that’s $12 a day, $84 a week and in a year that’s $4380 in a year!!!!!!! This is based on 3 cups a day and yes I know we are all different.It may not be 3 cups for all of you, maybe be less or more in some cases. I’m not saving give up on coffee but making your own instead of buying it will save you.

I know people who go to hotels and clubs on most weekends  and spend a min of $200 over that weekend and that’s being conservative. Over the year that’s $10,400. Once again I’m not saying give up on your social life on a weekend at the pubs and clubs. My point is, most people can afford workshops or other holidaysetc if we are prepared to cut back a little and make sacrifices if it is something that you wish to do . This is food for thought.Apply this to any trip that you wish to do.

My son is in the USA, 12 months before going to the day, he placed his loose change in his money box and went to he bank to cash it in and in 12 months of putting his lose change into the money box he had almost $3000!!! Thats also an idea for future holidays that you wish to do. Once again food for thought.I do this my self!!

Have you ever wanted to photograph whales out in the deep oceans close up?

Being close up with the whales is an experience that is both breath taking and emotive. On this 4 day epic whale photography tour you will be given the opportunity to photograph these gentle giants of the deep sea.

This is over 4 days as wild life is unpredictable and wildlife is just that, wild, we don’t have them programmed to do things. You will see them but one can never guarantee the breaching that takes place. In planning this I spend 5 days out with the whales and I had breaching 3 out of the 5 days.

This is why this tour is over 4 days to give you the best possibility of seeing breaching which is inspiring and impressive.

I will help you with your settings of the camera to be able to freeze the action and this is a tour where you have to be simply watching  and watching. You will see the whales and as I mentioned earlier , whales are out in their domain and they are not controlled by us and one has to be a patient. We will see them and there are times when they come so close to boat  and if it is a clear day, the waters are crystal clear  and you will see these gentle giants glide right past you. That’s breath taking.

Capturing the whales means that you can’t take your eyes of the waters as you just never know when they are going to pop up to say Gday to you.


The Whales Photography Tour takes place from 12 pm through to 4pm approximately. Your mornings are free so you have plenty of down time to explore Darling Harbour or if you want any help with post production work, then I’m available for that if you require that.

As mentioned earlier, your price includes a trip to the stunning Madame Tussuds Wax Museum which is right next door to where we catch the Whale Tour from.. This is an impressive place and I spent 3 hours in their as mentioned earlier.There are pictures below that will show you how impressive this place is.

All of the pics that you see of Madame Tussuds are hand held and ISO’s ranged from 1200 through to 5000!!!! They were taken on the 5D mark3 which was sensational in the low light. You can’t take tripod in there so this is a good exercise to test your skills in hand holding under low light and i will be there to help you if you need my help in capturing these figures.

At the time of writing this , tickets were $42 a single but it is better to buy your tickets on line to avoid the line up. I didn’t do this  and spent 45 minutes in line to pay at the counter.

You can also visit the Wildlife Park and  Sea life   which is at the same complex. You can get a ticket that takes all three in if this is an interest to you. At the time you could get a ticket to cover all three for $70.

Planning this trip has left me in awe and I’m so excited to offer this to my guests.

The Whales Photography Tour will inspire you and leave you in awe.


Below is just a small sample of the some of the wax figures that you’ll see at the museum is amazing and well worth the visit.These look so life like, some look better than others but it does give you goose bumps and when you look into their eyes you think that any moment , they are going to say ” Gday” to you. If that took place, I think we wall would be totally spooked haha


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