Vivid Sydney – Weekend Workshop – 2020


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Vivid Sydney  2020

Date to be announced when Sydney Announce it.


The images below is just a small snap shot of what was taken at Vivid.

The images on this page are taken from the 2017 & 2018 show. The above image are 5 individual images combined in the college. The flower did not look like this at and and Pete will show you how to experiment and have fun with the light.

The 2019 programe will be over 4 days and once next years dates are announced, my dates will be posted.

Vivid starts at 6pm and goes through to 11 pm each night. Most of the afternoons you have down time with the post production morning sessions  for those who wish to have it. If you would like to miss the post production then you have the days to yourself although one of the afternoons there is a surprise for you.

Your accommodation is not included and no meals are included in the above cost.  That is up to you where you wish to stay but Vicki  and I will be  staying at the Napoleon on Kent.I simply went to their website to book. Closer to the time, these prices will increase. If this tour is for you, book the same place as I’m getting my 3 nights for $432 at the writing of this. Most places are around Sydney are between $210 -$300 a night and this works out to $144 and it is within 13 minute distance of where we go.

Scroll down the bottom where you can watch a 6 minute video and I hope this inspires you.

Also in these pictures are a mixture of images from 2018. This is a stunning programe and next years dates will be posted as soon as Vivid Sydney announce those dates. That usually takes place around 8 weeks after Vivid has completed. It’s a stunning light show and one that is different every year and I can’t wait for 2019.

Every year Vivid is different and the displays never cease to amaze you.Join me and email if you are interested in 2019.


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Vivid is such an exciting event. It’s in my opinion the hallmark in night photography. It’s fresh, it’s uplifting, it’s inspiring and you see the heart of how creative people are. I love Vivid for the fact that you do see the wonder of what lights can do and how they can transform a place.

Every year Vivid Sydney is different which is great if you are going back time after time.

Doing Vivid Sydney  Workshop I feel inspired as it takes you on another photographic journey where you learn to advance your night photography and photography in general.

Our Vivid Sydney  Workshop will inspire you  and you will learn and have fun together.

If in the event that you have had enough and would like to go back to your hotel room, you can as there is no obligation to go right to to 11pm. I will take any guest who wishes to go the full distance until 11pm. In 2017 on our last night I had 3 guest who went through to 11pm, the other 7 retired after several hours and that’s a good thing as I want you to enjoy your time and if relaxing earlier enables you to stay fresh, then that is great.

The Creativity will inspire you, it will be uplifting .

Snugglepots was an amazing animation projected on the building here that ran for 6 minutes.We stayed there for 4 run throughs as it gave you great opportunities to cover the areas that you want it as night photography is about experimenting .


There is a surprise on this workshop and the picture below gives you a hint.Maybe you’ll be doing stunts like this? Nope, but you will have fun  and it is also an added extension to night photography.



Pete Dobre:)

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