Tanzania Safari Tour 2019


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3 Mar 2019 – 15 Mar 2019

I’m very excited to announce that in 2019 I will be offering Tanzania. The Tanzania Safari Tours is based on photography and I work with small groups where  this tour is built around photography. Where possible I place you where the light is best to photograph the animals. You don’t have to be into photography to be apart of this tour or have a great interest in photography..Tanzania Safari Tours helps you with your picture taking if you need it. The advantage that you get by doing my tour even is photography is not a big things for you is that you will be put in the best possible position to take your pictures and you will come home with far better images as opposed as just doing a general tour.

When you look at any of my photo tours that I have on my website and you see the pics that I have taken, always remember, it is not just myself who has taken these pictures, when my guests are with me, they too take the same picture. That’s the big advantage of  doing a Pete Dobré Photo Tour of Africa or any of my other tours.Photography is about the light and knowing how it works and when you know that you will always take better pictures.

Tanzania Safari Tours with Pete Dobré

Being with myself, I take all of the guess work out and simply put you in the best possible position for 90% of the time. Africa is a stunning country and if you have never been there, join me on this Tanzania Safari Tours  and be in awe with what you see. you will not be disappointed.

As this is in 2019, there may be a few extra small costs that may arise. The costs that I’m referring to are things like fees in the National Parks. If these go up, they will be passed on but at this stage there is no talk about that but i need to make you aware on this.

The prices below don’t include your airfares, travel insurance  etc.

Click the link below and see the details on what is on offer with Pete Dobré Tanzania Safari Tours.

I was there this year planning this photographic tour and it offers an abundance of photographic opportunities.

The dates are below but at this stage I ask you to leave the month of March  2019 free as being so far out the dates may change a little either side . These dates below will be confirmed closer to the time,within 14 months of departure ..At this stage these are the dates that I have been given and shouldn’t move too much.

If you would like to know more, please call me on 0408 446 289 Pete:)

3 Mar 2019 – 15 Mar 2019

12 nights

AUD $9,998 per person sharing
AUD 950 single supplement


South African Photography Tour - Zerbra

This is the video that was taken this year. Pete:)

Below are a few snippets of what was taken in Tanzania.