Shooting with the Stars – Astro Photography – 2019


 Shooting with the Stars.

  Date 1st – 6th March  2019

$2250 based on min 5 people Less than 4  people $2750

Less than 4, breakfast is included and lunch and dinner are not.

Greater than 4, breakfast and dinner are included and lunch is not.

This price includes breakfast , dinner and  accommodation and transport.  ( lunch is not)


$2350 based on min 5 people Less than 5 people $2950

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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Shooting with the Stars-

 Join Pete and Vicki  on this workshop you will be taught  to paint with light , shoot the stars and this is a lot of fun  and the results are extremely pleasing.

Pete brings in a specialists , a lovely guy called Jay Tee who teaches light painting at another level . It’s a fun and informative night with Jay Tee and you will come away from the evening with awesome light painting pics..

 Jay Tee is the legend when it comes to splashing light over own subjects and he brings his own bag of tricks and you will be in for a treat. He is such a lovely guy and a genuine guy who loves what he does which is reflected in his work.!

Shooting with the Stars has many layers to it as it is more than Astro Photography of Shooting with with Stars. During the day Pete takes you on an unforgettable journey through our past where he takes you to a series of rustic ruins and  no Australian landscape  would be complete without the Australia windmill.He visits these ruins when the light is right for them.

Shooting with the Stars sees you exposed to many different layers and you will come home with a arrangement of stunning images that embrace the whole landscape. Shooting with the Stars also takes you on the mighty Murray River where Pete takes you through your settings to  photograph the birds and stunning cliffs that are found along the river .In the time on this workshop you will have many highlights and surprises along the way. When the unexpected takes place, Pete makes sure that you are all there to capture it. Shooting with the Stars is a wonderful photographic trip where at night you are taken to a new world and by day, you live in the past with the old ruins of yester year.

This is an ideal location as you will also have access to “The Barn” and this is a great meeting point where Pete will take you through his workflow and to help you edit your own images of the stars.

When Shooting the stars, Pete also arranges, different props to be brought in which adds to the afternoon shoot that takes place. He is a fan of old cars and in particular, he loves Australia’s first ever built car,The FJ holden. Where he can arrange he will get either an FJ holden or an old car of some type and have this against one of the old ruins.

Every year this workshop is always a little different as Pete is always looking for other items, things and places to include in the workshop.

The great thing about this workshop, is that it focus’s on the above areas over the entire 6 days. One of the great ways of learning is to do a workshop where you are eating and breathing photography and spending it with others is a huge benefit as you will learn from them as well.

If the stars are your thing or you have always wanted to shoot the stars but didn’t no how, then join Pete for this wonderful opportunity. The results are stunning!:)


“Thanks Pete, for an amazing tour, best time had” Evan Switzer 2017

” hear hear ..” Sonya Naiper 2017

“Wow, had an awesome time at Pete Dobre – Shooting with the Stars Photography Tour.
Had so much fun, with such a huge learning curve that I hope to apply to my photography. Meet some amazingly awesomely talented people and glad to have made some new friends who share the same passion as myself.
Highly recommend Pete Dobre photographic tours hmmmm its on my Christmas and Birthday wish list every year from now on haha… but seriously. is ” Margret Oconnell 2016


Max of 10 people are taken on Tour. Don’t leave to to the last minute to book


  • Payment – $600 is paid up front on booking, 12 weeks out the remainder has to be paid in full unless other arrangements are made with Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes. If Full payment is not made 8 weeks out from the departure date, your spot will not be held and will be given to anyone waiting for any cancellations.




































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This is what your accommodation  and everyone has their own rooms unless they with the share and all rooms have your own bathrooms.

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  • Cost $2950
  • Date 10th April -15th April 2018

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