New Zealand Landscape Photography Tours


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Min 6 people for the Photo Tour to go ahead.

New Zealand is a stunning country and both Islands are as good as each other. one is not better than the other, they both offer different opportunities when it comes to taking pictures.

My New Zealand Landscape Photography tour majors on the South Island  and on tour we will explore some of the most stunning landscapes that the country has to offer.

The tour takes in some of the most stunning waterfalls that the Island has to offer , we explore some of the amazing beaches , along with some for the great film sets that were used in the Narnia Chronicles films .

This place  has to be seen to be believed  and it is only when you take a picture with some alongside the rock scapes that  you realize how enormous the rocks are.

This is one place that I spent an entire day at as the light is always changing and as the light changes, so the angles change with the light. I have no words that best describe this place but what I can say is that you will be inspired by it.

We explore Doubtful sound and this is an area that will leave you speechless as we stay over night on the sound which will give you photographic opportunities that you would never have otherwise. This part of the adventure will show case New Zealand in a way that will reinforce why this is an amazing country.

New Zealand Landscape Photography Tours by Pete & Vicki Dobré

New Zealand Landscape Photography Tours by Pete & Vicki Dobré will inspire you, you will come home with stunning images . Things to bring, apart from the obvious, it is important that you have a good tripod that will enable you to shoot the waterfalls.

Effective waterfall shots need an exposure of at least a second or 2 to blur the water and this is where you will need your tripod.

New Zealand Landscape Photography Tours run by Pete Dobré will take in some of the highlights of New Zealand and it is impossible to cover everything but what is covered, will inspire you.

Most Photographic Tours to New Zealand just go to one area for 5 days whereas I will take you to a number of areas that will leave you in awe, hence this New Zealand Landscape Photography Tours is longer than whats on offer by others.



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The cost of the New Zealand Landscape Photography Tours by Pete Dobré doesnt include meals and airfares.



Waterfalls are in abundance in New Zealand and we explore a few of the most impressive waterfalls.


Castle Rock is a stunning place in New Zealand and this was used the Narnian Chronicles and we spend a good amount of time there to explore as everywhere you look, there is a stunning shot to take.

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Doubtful Sound is so impressive and so moving and emotive.