The Murray River – Australia’s Greatest Waterway


Australian Landscape Photography Coffee Table Book by Pete Dobre

The Murray River, one of the world’s great rivers, flows from its source – a tiny, moss-covered spring, on the alpine slopes of New South Wales, for approximately 2,560 kilometres.

Beginning as a narrow, mossy stream, the Murray River weaves its way through farming and grazing land, across flat, open countryside of NW Victoria, to the semi-arid plains of the Mallee. It forms the border between Victoria and New South Wales.

It crosses the South Australian border near Border Cliffs, twisting, turning and carving its way past limestone cliffs, graceful River Red Gums, citrus orchards and vineyards. The lower Murray River meets the Lakes System and nearby Coorong National Park, before finally reaching the Southern Ocean, in South Australia.

Running my Australian photography tours on the Murray always gives stunning results


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