Flinders Ranges Getaway – 2019


Flinders Ranges 2019

October 5th  – 7th 2019

Cost $795.00

Min number required for this trip is 4.This includes and helicopter flight with the doors taken off.This is a stunning chopper flight that will give you views that will leave you in awe.

These workshops are designed for those who are time poor and can’t get the time off to do the extended Photo Tours that both Vicki and myself offer. These are not comprehensive of the area. They are a tease to what is on offer and the extended tours explore the area in greater detail.

In all of the weekend workshops, to keep the cost down for you, it is up to you to book your own accommodation and no meals are included and to make your own way there.The fee is for Vicki and myself teaching time and knowledge.

The Flinders is an amazing part of South Australia. What we will be doing is just scratching the surface on a few highlights that I have chosen and if you like what you see, then later you may want to consider the extended Photo tour for Flinders Ranges.

Both Vicki and myself look forward to you joining us.

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