Vivid Sydney – Weekend Workshop

Vivid Sydney  2018 Date are yet to be set

As soon as Vivid set the dates for 2018, I’ll post my dates. 2017 was run over 2 days, 2018 will be over 3 days.

The images below is just a small snap shot of what was taken at Vivid.

Cost ………..TBA soon

Vivid is such an exciting event. It’s in my opinion the hallmark in night photography. It’s fresh, it’s uplifting, it’s inspiring and you see the heart of how creative people are. I love Vivid for the fact that you do see the wonder of what lights can do and how they can transform a place.

Every year Vivid Sydney is different which is great if you are going back time after time.

Doing Vivid Sydney Weekend Workshop I feel inspired as it takes you on another photographic journey where you learn to advance your night photography and photography in general.

My Vivid Sydney Weekend Workshop also takes in the whales on one of the afternoons and this is sensational.No  words can describe the emotions you feel when you see the whales right alongside the boat. These gentle giants of the seas are tender and have a strong sense of family.

I’ve added a third day which ( as this is based on the feed back give to me) will act as a  rest day in the middle of our time there. Vivid Sydney Weekend Workshop runs from 6pm and goes right through to 11pm.

If in the event that you have had enough and would like to go back to your hotel room, you can as there is no obligation to go right to to 11pm. I will take any guest who wishes to go the full distance until 11pm. In 2017 on our last night I had 3 guest who went through to 11pm, the other 7 retired after several hours and that’s a good thing as I want you to enjoy your time and if relaxing earlier enables you to stay fresh, then that is great.




Having fun with the camera is all part of what photography and Vivid is all about.

The whale watching is  an epic highlight and will always put a smile on your face. I love this part of the programe so much.

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