Throw Away The Flash – Night Photography

November 11th 2017 – 4pm till late.

Cost $99 based on min 5 ,less than 5 $175

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This is my latest day workshop where we throw our flashes away and I teach you how to take effective night photography around Adelaide.

This is for those who have very little idea on Night Photography   and would like to improve their skills or would like to brush up on their stills.

It’s a follow up to the ” Getting off Auto ” workshop and now we go to the next level in putting manual into practice in night photography.Manual will always give you better results as you are controlling the camera and the camera is not controlling you.

We meet at the foot of the walk way bridge on the side of Adelaide oval at 4 pm.

We will be shooting for a couple hours before we go and have a bite to eat for dinner before we hit the night scenes.

Cost $99 based on min 5 ,less than 5 $175

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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Tripods are a must as we explore the Torrens River and surrounding buildings of Adelaide.

Please bring your camera manual as it is just handy to have it on board in case we need to refer to it. All cameras do basically the same thing but the manufactures have to be different from each other  and hide things in all different places within the camera. So having you manual will save a lot of time if I can’t locate things within your camera.

Email me at or 0408446289.






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