Private Photo Workshop

Private Day workshops and Extended Photo Tours

Did you realize that you can do a private Photo  workshop with Pete?

What are the benefits of doing a  private workshop tour or  a day workshop?

With the Day Workshop you tell Pete in what area would you like extra help in, it may be in understanding light and composition, understanding your own camera better, understanding depth of field and the list is endless.

Clearly the main advantage is that you get complete one on one with Pete and the other good thing is that you get to design your own Photo workshop Tour to your needs or Day workshop.

For the extended Tours, you tell Pete where you would like to go, he will put it all together for you and off you go.

On the Private Tours or private one day workshops, you will be joined by Pete’s partner, Vicki Freer.

Pete also sits down with you to assess where you are at  with your photography and you get teaching time with him and notes that help you along with the subjects that you are shooting.

You can also get a group of friends together and say to Pete, “we have x amount of days, where do you suggest we go? “Or you can tell Pete,” we have x amount of friends and we would like to go to New Zealand, Kangaroo Island , USA or wherever. The choice is yours and you can pick anywhere  and Pete will take you there!!!

This is an ideal gift for that person who loves photography and you are not sure what to give them.

If you would like your own Private Photographic Workshop  with Pete and Vicki, email him at or you can call him on 0408446289

There is no limit where you can go……


For your own Photography extended tour, the price will depend where you go.

For the Day workshop that is held in Adelaide for one person it is $625 for the day and that includes lunch and transport as we move from location to location .Starting time in the winter months is through to sunset ( 5.30pm) In the summer months, 10.30am through to sunset which can be anything between 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Having said that, you can change the times that suit you. The time above are a guide.

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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Malcolm wanted a better understanding of light and composition on this day.

Bob and Bunkie  are from the USA and I was delighted when they asked if I would put together a 21 day Private Photo Tour for them, show casing Australia. I did just that and we had such a good time and over 21 days you get to know people well and they both are such wonderful and caring people. It was my pleasure to show them Australia from a photographers point of view. In their case it was awesome as they both love photography and they knew what it meant to have the right light and conditions to photography. Well done Bob and Bunkie, you both are simple wonderful people whom the USA can be very proud of.