Murray River – 2018

Murray River Photo Tour 4th June – 11th June 2018.

Cost $4400.00

6th – 15th August 2018

Have you ever wanted to know what it is to have no cares, no worries, sit and TOTALLY relax and what the world pass you by? This is the trip. Just stunning and so relaxing. The sound of the wind, the trees blowing in the wind, the water lapping up at the houseboat is all you hear.

At night time the atmosphere is stunning where you have the stillness of time and I just love this Photographic experience. It is the one that is the most relaxing Photo Tour that I have on record.

The Murray River is a stunning River and what is ever happening with the weather you will get a mixture of awesome fog morning, great for shooting, reflections of the orches cliffs in the water and the adorable bird life is amazing. I can’t stress enough, this trip will blow you out of the water so to speak as it is so relaxing and just inspiring. You have time to relax, think, do nothing, take pictures and just watch the world pass by.

Mist and fog offer sensational opportunities where the photography leaps to another level.

For those who need help or advice, I’m there to assist  and to guide you with your photography.

The food on these trips is out of this world and we have the most outstanding chef who will leave you speechless with the food that he serves up. People has said that outside the scenery which makes a lasting impression on you, the next thing was the food.Just stunning.

This is a trip where there is no walking at all apart from walking around the house boat.No carrying your gear, it is just there!

Join me on the most relaxing thing that you’ll ever do in your entire life!! Yes that’s a big call but it is true and you will be so refreshed and relaxed when you leave.

This trip like my others will offer you stunning and iconic images  and in this case of the beautiful Murray River. I adore this trip with all that it offers. Join me  and be inspired by this great photographic experience. Pete:)



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