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How do we perceive people when they age or if they don’t fit in with our perceptions. One of my favorite movies is Tootsie, which actor Dustan Hoffman portrays  a woman through the means of having make over and his acting was superb .

In the last few days I saw a clip posted on FB where he was emotional as when he made the film many years ago and he asked the directors to make him a “beautiful women” and they told him, “ this is as good as it is going to get” He then realized that in his own biased outlook in life,
he neglected many qualities found in  women who were not “ Beautiful” as he ignored them as they weren’t” Beautiful”  in the eyes of society. He failed to get to know these women and feels that they had a lot to offer and on the basis of looks and the fact that they didn’t measure up  to his expectations beauty and sex appeal, he ignored them.He now feels that he miss out and the film made him realize that point. How often do we judge people?

We all age in time, like the tree in the field,the broken back of the old holden car,the old truck, the old bike and  we all age and so do we all  become redundant, I don’t think so. The old tree ( the first one that I posted) is bent, twisted and perhaps crippled and yet there is still life there, growth, and all is not lost. It still has a youthfulness about itself. Much is twisted and the looks of struggling and yet beyond that, is the growth showing its own beauty  and most would walk past. How are we valued and how  do you value others? Is it based on looks and sex appeal. Do we gravitate to the beautiful  as seen in societies eyes.

Do you just talk to those whom fit your stereo type of what “ nice people are”,Do you ignore the broken  and those who have issues in their lives.Or do you just communicate to  those who are pretty in the eyes of society, those who are wealthy?

For me these series of pictures of things old reflects character in age as so do all the old rustic battered and beaten old ruins etc.Why do people like myself and others find the old, broken, rustic so appealing to shoot? For me it is because they have character and through age, they have an inner beauty that shines through the brokeness of the exterior, we as people are no different.

They all have a beauty about themselves. When we see people that don’t measure up to our expectation, never be so self indulgent that you can’t learn from them  and be inspired by them, and the broken people can inspire as well, because of the journey that they took and how they emerged. These folk were young and vibrant at one stage.

We live in a age where beauty, good looks,, wealth is what is to be admired and yet, happiness will never be found on the crumbled surface of a 5 dollar note, nor will it ever be found in Botox.

When we look at the old we must never forget that although the outer body may be wearing out , it’s what lies deep within that person. The elderly are simply trapped in a body that can’t do as much as it did in the past, but the mind is active , alert.

Does it not stand to reason, that those who are much older than ourselves, have walked our paths, have endured life , just may have more wisdom than we give credit for.

The richness of life is found in the people that we come across, the friends that we make the friends that we lose, it’s how we look upon others and how we give ourselves to others in the context of life.Read Tuesday’s with Morrie. An outstanding little book where one guy judged the old man who is dying and in the end, he went to be with Morrie, read to him every Tuesday, learnt valuable lessons of life from a man who was dying. He even helped clean him up after going to the loo. At first he couldn’t face doing that and the of wiping another mans backside repulsed him but as his relationship built, the young man found a richness in the elderly man what was to transform his life forever. That’s a richness that doesn’t come from the pursuit of botox and meaningless reality shows like Big Brother that are empty in substance and content.

(As a side point, the best way to find yourself,to discover yourself is to help others. When you start to help and encourage others you will soon discover who you are in the life.)

Life is an everlasting school where we are always learning and the more we give of ourselves, the more we learn. We can be protective of ourselves and that is understandable if we have been through extremely difficult times and it takes an enormous amount of strength to trust again, it is only natural to want to prefect ourselves from  deep hurt.

No one wants to be hurt but at times, it’s when we are vulnerable again, that we take a risk in life that in our vunerablity we can learn and move on in life.

I know there are grave situations where that is not possible and I respect that.

Even in our negative aspects of life as most of us go through them at times, if we are open to learn from the negative we can grow stronger, do things that we thought were not possible.

The tree stands there twisted but it’s surrounded with the tranquilly of the skies and the gentle landscape, likewise with the old cars, trucks etc. They may be old  but they still can observe life and be an active part in what takes place around it.

In life we have choices and these can be daunting but in order to have a new chapter in our lives, risks sometimes need to be made and I include myself in this. I too will need to act upon what I’m writing today and I will.

When we think we have no strength left, when we think we have been defeated , deep down is a strength to move forward. I’m inspired by the broken, by those whom have been crushed, defeated  and yet not totally  and when they emerge from it they have a greater clarity of life, they thought it was not possible to emerge from the dark tunnel. It’s that  which inspires me. It’s not easy and things are never laid out for people but if our mindset is that we won’t allow ourselves to be crippled by our hurt, fears and brokenness but rather  to take those baby steps to move forward, then a new beginning starts for us.

How do we view people? How did Dustin view women before he took on the role of Tootsie. He wanted to be a good looking woman and yet the character that he played had an inner beauty that you fell in love with through her wisdom and the ability to make  a stand, to be strong ..

How do you view the elderly, the broken, those whom don’t fit in, those that aren’t in your beauty section?

The old tress, ruined buildings,  old cars etc have a beauty that is there  and out weighs what they had before.

The old , the frail, that’s what we all will be one day  and our looks will decay over time and how do we want people to view us then? I suggest like this tree that stands there in it own dignity and beauty.

I love the old book, The Bible, I think if you want to see wisdom beyond time it is there. Sadly many of us fail in that area but through our own failings , that doesn’t negate the wisdom and beauty found in the words of Jesus. Sometimes the answers are simple and all we need to do is be open and not be closed to the obvious.

I have said this before and ill say it every time I mention God or Jesus, just because they are my inspiration, doesn’t mean I’m better than the one who doesn’t believe, not at all  and in fact in my experience, there are many people who don’t believe in God or Jesus who are much closer to Him than those who do believe. Funny that .

One of my favorite passages that inspires me beyond the quotes of today that you see on fb and social media and this is over 2000 years old is written below. I’m not a perfect person and there is also the fear that when one states their love for Jesus, people will be quick to point your faults out (  and i do have them) and that’s where being vulnerable will always have a cost, but I’m happy with that.

These words inspire me so much although I do fail in this area as well at times, but as fallen people  who we are not perfect, none of us are, I will still strive to do as much as I can by these words and these words effect how I view you, 🙂

“ Therefore as Gods  chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances that you may have against another.Forgive as the lord has forgiven you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity”
Colossians 3:12-14

Things old and not beautiful in the eyes of society, do have a beauty and a richness that goes beyond the outer appearance:)





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