New Zealand Landscape Photography Tours

New Zealand Photography Tour

Day 01 16.2.2016

When you are on the road, at least for me, time becomes a blur. One day leads into another and before you know it, a week has passed you by. I thought I’d do a blog on my journey, it wont set the house on fire, it won’t be a best seller hahaha but for those who are keen in following what I’m doing, you can read it as there will be more details information here. My journey will be no different from many others but it is my journey and I guess that is the pint of difference. Upon arriving in NZ at Christchurch Airport, which was 11.50pm on the 16th Feb, I had booked a cabin from Oz for that night. The following day, I was then to be picked up by the hire company whose van I have hire for this trip. I arrived at the accommodation at 1.15am due to the fact it was a late flight and one had to go through customs. I arrived only to find that the place was booked out and the only thing that they could put me was in this little dome tent. I regret now not taking a picture of it as with all of my gear, mainly camera stuff, where was I going to fit. It was a tight squeeze and even with out my stuff in there, I couldn’t stretch out, but at least I had a place where I could down, although not comfortable.

Day 02 17.02.2016

I was at the reception as soon as they opened trying to work out why they had no booking for me, long story short, they had me coming in the following day!! Hire Company picked me up and while at their place, they are trying to tell me that I haven’t paid for the van. Nothing could be further from the truth when my bank paid it for me as I was there when the telegraphic transfer took place. That was an interesting little debate. All sorted now, well I at hope so. As I travelled towards Blenhiem, I passed through… where the road hugs the coast and although I have seen many seals on Kangaroo Island, I still had to stop, have a look and take a few snaps. New Zealand Photo Shoot1B8A1690blog New Zealand Photo ShootNew Zealand Photo Shoot 1B8A1753blog New Zealand Photo Shoot So off I blaze the trail , get supplies and I camped out the first night, which was on the other side of Blenhiem. What I didn’t know was there was a massive storm coming that night which resulted in a massive amount of rain falling during the night. it was epic. The locals that I spoke to said that in places they had 150mm, in my area about 100mm. Across the road from where I was, there were fields, cows and sheep, but in the morning, it was 2 metres under water. A massive flood, with sheep on high ground. I couldn’t take any pics of this as to get the right shot, it was so unsafe to shoot as one thing I have picked up since being here, Kiwis drive like manias!!!! I’ve been honked so many times and yet I’m doing the spend limited.They drive soooo fast over here.

Day 3 18.02.2016