Meet freelance photographer Pete & Vicki





Freelance Photographers – Meet Pete & Vicki

Pete Dobré is a Freelance Photographer who blazes the trail for 6 months each year, capturing awe-inspiring images. Pete’s work expresses his creative flair, emotions and love for the natural scapes of Australia.

Pete’s photography is self taught. As a young child photography was an interest. His passion for the varying landscapes of Oz comes from frequent visits as a youngster, to his Grandparent’s sheep farm in Barmera, a small country town in South Australia.

He remembers the hot day when he was 8, leaving town for the farm. His parents had an old car. Within about 2 kilometres of reaching the farm gate, they were bogged on a small red sand dune. The flies were buzzing continuously and the heat was beating down. Sticks, leaves and branches were wedged under the back tyres, to get the car moving. His mum was in a panic but Pete thought that it was exciting. From that moment he knew that he loved being out in creation, with the sense of adventure in the wild. This is where Pete’s passion began.

Pete is not on his own. He is joined by his partner Vicki Freer. Pete has met someone that has made an everlasting impact on him.Vicki joins Pete on his Day Workshops and his Photo Tours. She brings new ideas and both being photographers offers so much more to the programe.People who have done the tours know the type of person that Vicki is and the good natured person that she is .Pete is over the moon to be sharing this adventure with someone who is on the same page and who shares the same ideals and outlooks in photography and life.

Photography for Pete is an expressive means for visual communication. He says, ‘There is never a boring moment in my work. There is always something to photograph and I love being creative. The only limit to creativity is a lack of creativity.’

Pete’s aim as a Freelance Photographer is to present images that provoke and stimulate the mind, to capture God’s awesome creation and to share this with others. If Pete can do a little justice to God’s creativity, then he is quietly satisfied.

As a Freelance Photographer Pete’s inspiration and passion for his work comes from knowing God who created everything in the beginning. Knowing God, the Creator gives more substance and meaning to what he captures on film. Pete sees his role as freezing a moment in time and history which will never be repeated exactly the same again. The light, clouds and seasons will always be different. Pete’s love for natural conditions at different times of the day, displaying varying moods and cloud formations makes his work very special and eye catching.

The skies above me is where Pete is always drawn to and nothing pleases him more than to be capturing an awesome sky. The skies remind him of Psalm 19:1 where it says…” the heavens declare the glory of God and the SKIES proclaim the work of His hands..” He sees the skies as His canvas where God paints that canvas different every day. That’s a free gift to us all Pete says.

“I need to state that just because I do believe in God, doesn’t make me better than a person who doesn’t. Like you, I’m fallen, like you, I’ve make mistakes, some that I’m not proud of and like in many cases, if I could turn the clock backwards, there would be some things I’d do differently.”

Pete hopes to see you on tour one day soon.