It’s ok to shoot as it is.

There are moments that come  when you least expect them to.On this occasion I was out with my friend Jaime and we were needing one more location that she needed to shoot for her assignment .I suggested the sticks down at Port Willunga.These are a favourite location for photographers world wide.

When we arrived the changes that took place above us  were more dramatic than we had hoped for. When we first arrived, there was high level cloud and in the 4 hours that we were there, God put on an amazing show where the skies were churning above us, growing bigger, darker, splitting apart and the colors were bleeding into one .The formation over this period was nothing short of sensational and even that word doesn’t do justice to what was taking place above us.

It was a good lesson for Jaime as she  was at the time a student of photography and the best lessons of photography are best spent out in the field. There is no substitute for being actually out there in the field and the best way to learn anything , is always hands on!!!! So this was a special evening spent at the sticks. The most common shot people take here is to have the water blurring  along with the  skies etc

I wanted to be able to get away from that as it is so done to death at this spot . How many jetties do we see where the jetty is centred in the middle of the frame and the water and the skies are blurred.What was once different now becomes the norm and predictable.

I wanted to show and teach Jaime that there is more to blurring water . There is nothing wrong in capturing what you see and if the conditions are right, it’s as dramatic as blurring the water and skies. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong in blurring the waters etc but somehow I can’t help but think that unless we (photographers ) do something to the image that the eye doesn’t see, that it’s not a  compelling image on its own.

We took so many pictures, not because we wanted to over kill what we were shooting but the changes of the scene would actually turn the scene into another day!!! It was like having 5-6 days in one day.So these images are taken on the same day and if I had the space, I could have posted so much more showing the radical changes over a 4 hour period:)

Remember , it is ok to shoot what is there!! But I dare you to be bold and shoot what is naturally there and dare to be different and capture what the eye sees.:)


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