Time Lapse Photography

August 25th 2018

Time Lapse Photography is a lot of fun and the results are so rewarding. Time lapse Photography does take time and you are recording 100’s of still images which can be in the 1,000’s and condensing that into a mere few seconds.For those who don’t know how this is achieved, it is done by taking a number of pictures and converting your still images onto a video format. This gives the effect that you can see in the videos here.

To do Time Lapse Photography your camera needs to have a built in function where the camera can take pictures on its own every so many seconds. If it doesn’t, then you can by external self timer that will do this for you.

You can vary the rate of many pictures you want to take over what period of time.This is how you determine how quickly or how slow your time lapse looks.

You need lots of memory cards if you are planning on doing this over the course of the day.

If time lapse photography interests you, why not join me on my next workshop where  will not only teach you how to do this, but I will also talk about what subjects to chose.

Go to my day workshops page and scroll down to the time lapse workshop to see the date where this is offered.

You will need a good programe to put it together and I strongly recommend LR time lapse. This is the Holy Grail for time lapse programes and buying this , you will not look back if time lapse is for you.

Hope to see you there one day. Pete:)