Lake Eyre – The Pelicans

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[p]Lake Eyre – the Pelicans featured in the video clips below is a snippet of a documentary that I’m working on which will run for 45 minutes and it was shot over two years and it’s about my time spent with 50,000 pelicans in the desert beyond Lake Eyre. This is one of my all time photographic highlights and it easily equals my time when shooting for a month in Antartica.There are some things that I have learnt about the pelican that I have not been able to find thus far in written form.[/p] [p]As a landscape photographer this was an amazing experience and i know in the days that I have left on this earth I will never get this opportunity again, as these type of moments just don’t pop up , that’s why this is so special.[/p] [p]My book on my time with the Pelicans is now available and this books reflects just a portion of I was exposed to. How do you best describe to someone the concept of 50,000 pelicans breeding in the desert? It is one thing to shoot them along the coast, it is quite another thing to be shooting them in a harsh environment of the desert.[/p] [p]When water invades the desert, life is transformed and as time moves, the waters begin to dry up and the harsh reality comes back into place where it was before the floods come once again.That’s what makes Lake Eyre so remarkable as this book reflects the incredible nature of this area.[/p] [p]Lake Eyre has only flooded 7-8 times in recorded history, it is something that doesn’t happen every year, hence all the fuss when it does.When it does flood, the pelicans comes all over Australia, they migrate to the worlds third largest salt lake and when this is full, we are talking about a significant amount of water, the birds breed in their tens of thousands.[/p] [p] What actually causes the pelicans to travel thousands of kilometres to go and breed there, no one really knows why. There are theories but that is al that they are. For sometime to come yet, that will remain an unanswered question.[/p]