Getting Off Auto – Understanding Your Camera

Date April 22rd 2023

Cost $200

Min 5 people

Time 1pm -5.30pm

Pay on the day.

Email –

Getting off auto is just that.Getting of the auto side of things with your camera and learning how to have more control over how you take this picture. The modes of manual, aperture  and shutter priority will be explained.Cameras are amazing today but no matter how good they are, it is you the person who takes the picture. The camera can’t take the picture for you, you have to think it all through.

You can do it the easy way and keep your camera on auto and you will be able to get some good shots or you can understand your camera better and learn how to control the camera yourself so when tricky light situations come up, your knowledge will get you through it.When you get off Auto you will never look back.:)