Getting off Auto 2021

Getting Off Auto 2021

Getting Off Auto 2020 will change the way that you take pictures.

22nd May 2021

Cost 130

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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Bank SA

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Getting Off Auto 2020 is for those  who would like to know how to use there cameras manually.Getting Off Auto 2020 shows how you have more control over light coming in the camera.

Getting Off Auto 2020 gives you the power of your camera and once you understand your camera manually, you’ll be able to take photo’s when you thought you couldn’t.

This is aimed more at the beginner and here you will also be taught F stops and will be taught depth of field and how useful that is when shooting. When you shoot your camera on auto, it is telling you what to do, when you shoot your camera on manual, you are telling the camera what to do.

The cameras of today are so good and often you can leave them on auto and you will get great results. Then there will be times when auto doesn’t quite make the grade and the images that you have taken haven’t come out to well. If you were able to use your camera manually you’d get a better result.Getting Off Auto 2020 will take you through the process.

How many times have you stood in front of a scene or a subject and thought- how do I photograph that with the light like it is?

Have you also wondered how did others take a picture like that? Getting Off Auto 2020 takes you through questions like that.

What to Bring

You’ll need not only your camera but a good tripod, sun cream and hat if it is hot.You’ll need several camera batteries that will get you through the workshop. Don’t run out of power for your camera. Make sure you have enough memory cards.

Any questions that you have make sure you bring them and not be shy in asking. We all learn through asking questions.

We meet at  and will go through to 5.30pm. Closer to the time, you will be emailed as to where we meet .