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It’s all about the light and I have been shooting this iconic ruin for over 30 years and every time I go there, it is always different because of the awesome skies and light.

I’ve been able to capture so many amazing skies, rainbows but the one weather aspect that I have not captured is lightning.

I never take it for granted when I’m blessed with the skies and spending a day here on and off, the skies over this day were epic and left me in awe.

This was my ANZAC day and what better way to spend it and if it weren’t for those who had gone way before me to defend and fight for our freedom, I wouldn’t be doing what I do today.


This pic encompasses all the iconic aspects of photography that have driven me from the beginning and the passion is still there.

Understanding light and how it works will always rock my photographic world.

What this series of pictures does for me, it shows me in age, there is always beauty, charm, emotion and wonder with delight and a valued worth as it teaches us so much if we open our eyes. No matter how we age, we all have beauty and worth and we should never doubt our sense of worth because we age.

Often when we grow older, people look at the elderly as if they have well and truly served their purpose in life but nothing could be further from the truth.

The old ruins that I have been shooting for so many years have not completed their purpose in life. They provide a role and they bring so much pleasure to those who love things rustic. They are steeped in history and there are people who have great joy in researching that history that is associated with the old ruins. We learn from the past and the history that we research will always shed light on life.

When we are older, we still have a purpose in life. Just because the body is decaying  inward , it is still very much alive. The elderly have so much to offer in relation to life. They have wisdom to pass on to us and that wisdom comes the lessons of life which are learnt from our mistakes which we can pass on to those who are younger. Now whether they are happy to listen, that’s another story is it not?

We all will see life differently and yet, we all have the same emotions that we express. We all have the same desire to be loved, to feel a sense of worth and so on. The elderly should be one of humanities greatest assets and yet we don’t see them that way at all which is sad as we all will be in that category in time. Time goes so quickly, it never stands still, it is always changing and is doesn’t wait for us, it keeps on keeping on regardless.

What I love about these images that I took on Anzac day is that it is a mixture of light, colour, texture and skies that are always changing. When the dark storms loom overhead, the light is still pokes through in time offering the sense of warm and light that we all strive full.

The darkness no matter how dark it is, will never stay that way if we are open to change. What the stormy conditions show me in these images that even in the darkness, there is beauty in that. The contrast of light and darkness will always leave the photographer in awe.

I do understand in our dark times we will never see any beauty in that but once we emerge from that, there will be many things that we can take away from that time in our life and it should stand us in good stead for the future if we are open .


What I love about being out in the middle of nowhere is working with the epic skies that God sends my way. I’m always grateful for them as I adore the awesomeskies and they mean so much to me. I;ve kept the old ruin small in my pictures in this series simply to show you the grandeur of the skies.

The skies are above us all the time but only a few who have the love of the skies are really aware of them. We are so small in relation to the skies and here, the old ruin although larger than life within it self is small in the context of the skies.

When we have the dark stormy skies , even in there darkness they breathe life through the rain that they bring. When you see the the expanse of the land, particularly from Elvis (my drone) you get even a greater understanding how large the skies are as they cover the landscape wit there giant sprinkler. The skies gives us so much.

All of these shots were taken on the same day. To stand before the awesomeskies is always a moving experience for me. When we see things on a daily basis , the things that should inspire us become invisible and yet they are there every day. The people we love, when we take them for granted, they to become invisible, the flowers and the tress and the list could go on and on.

I know that there are some people who don’t fail to see the skies, the flowers, the trees and friends, but there are many who do not and the obvious becomes , the not so obvious.

The next time you go for a drive in the country, look skyward and see the clouds see how they light up the sky and add the 3 dimension to skies. Seeing His master piece on the canvas change before your eyes which is never constant, it is always changing and I’d say, that’s value for money and it’s a free gift to see the worlds largest canvas being painted on a minute by minute basis. Pete:)


Down the road there was this awesome beauty and this was the shot of the day  for me. Light and darkness and what this pics says to me, that no matter how dark it is, there the light is always there waiting for us if we are willing to search it out. When there is darkness, it is up to us to make the first step to emerge from it and when we do, life will always take on a new dimension for us and we will see life in a different light. Pete:)


Pete Dobré

Author Pete Dobré

Pete's photography is self taught. As a young child photography was an interest. His passion for the varying landscapes of Oz comes from frequent visits as a youngster, to his Gandparent's sheep farm in Barmera, a small country town in South Australia. Pete Dobré is a Freelance Photographer who blazes the trail for 6 months each year, capturing awe-inspiring images. Pete's work expresses his creative flair, emotions and love for the natural scapes of Australia. He remembers the hot day when he was 8, leaving town for the farm. His parents had an old car. Within about 2 kilometres of reaching the farm gate, they were bogged on a small red sand dune. The flies were buzzing continuously and the heat was beating down. Sticks, leaves and branches were wedged under the back tyres, to get the car moving. His mum was in a panic but Pete thought that it was exciting. From that moment he knew that he loved being out in creation, with the sense of adventure in the wild. This is where Pete's passion began. Photography for Pete is an expressive means for visual communication. He says, 'There is never a boring moment in my work. There is always something to photograph and I love being creative. The only limit to creativity is a lack of creativity.' Pete's aim as a photographer is to present images that provoke and stimulate the mind, to capture God's awesome creation and to share this with others. If Pete can do a little justice to God's creativity, then he is quietly satisfied. As a photographer Pete's inspiration and passion for his work comes from knowing God who created everything in the beginning. Knowing God, the Creator gives more substance and meaning to what he captures on film. Pete sees his role as freezing a moment in time and history which will never be repeated exactly the same again. The light, clouds and seasons will always be different. Pete's love for natural conditions at different times of the day, displaying varying moods and cloud formations makes his work very special and eye catching.

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