Flinders Ranges 2022

22nd– 29th July 2022

$3900.00 Numbers 5 or more . Numbers 4 or less $4800

Payment is to be made into the account below

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

BSB 105 144

Acc 031 029 940

ABN 51 088 246 546

Bank SA

Explore the deep photographic wonders of the Flinders Ranges.

The Flinders Ranges 2022 offers an  amazing photographic experience .It is wonderful time of learning.Like all of the tours  there are many different layers to them. We just adore the rugged nature of the Flinders Ranges and I love the fact that  our guests to get to explore this wonderful area.

The powerful sunrises and sunsets always brings a delight to ones experience in the Flinders Ranges 2022.

The Flinders Ranges 2022 workshop you’ll exposed to some of the  most iconic parts of the Flinders Ranges.Like all of our Photo tours you are put in the right place at the right time.You are offered teaching in areas where you wish to grow. You are also free to explore your photography on your own.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to take pictures from a chopper with the doors taken off? Well this is one amazing experience that will leave you in awe and will give you an experience that you’ll never forget. You are taught how to photograph from a chopper and all the settings that go with that. This is an unforgettable experience.

Keep in mind there are times when the chopper might be not running due to weather but if it is running, then the flight will go ahead.

Generally you have your own room unless you wish to twin share. All workshops tours come with your own room with your own bathroom.

The above cost includes your transport there and back. Closer to the time we arrange a pick up for you on the day of departure. If you are flying from Interstate we will talk to the guest about pick arrangements. All of that is finalized before you arrive.

Breakfast is included and Dinner. Lunch is not included in the cost.

If you have any other questions please email You can email us your number and we will call you to have a chat about any questions that you have.

Level of fitness on this tour is low. There is no hiking as 95% of the places that we visit involve short walks. If you have any health issues these will be discussed when we speak.

Due to covid 19 things may change at the last moment without notice and these are beyond my control.