It’s all In the eye in telling a story

It’s all in the eye in telling a story


There are times when you are traveling that you come across your favorite subject to take pictures off. This was the case here. I love old ruins; anything rustic as it is a reminder of the past and even it its run down state it is also a snap shot of the present and the future.


On my photo tours and day workshops, one of the things that I like to stress is for people to tell a story with their pictures. To do this you need to explore the subject, search the angles out and look beyond what is the obvious. By doing this you will grow as a photographer, you will see things in a different light and you will be amazed of the angles and the unlimited photographic opportunities that are in front of you.

There may have been a time when you would have walked right past or just taken the standard shot and that’s it. I have posted several articles about telling a story with your pictures. This is much the same but I just had to post this to show you another example of that story.

When I’m out and about and no matter what it is I’m photographing, I always try to tell that story through pictures. I may not always be successful in doing that, but it is still a lot of fun in looking for the edge in your pictures.

I love photography as it is very expressive and what I like about it most, is that you are showing the world through your eyes which is reflected in the pictures that you take.

Vicki my partner and I were just going for a drive on the long weekend here in Adelaide and we came across this little gem. It is not often that you score an old car on the back of a old truck. For those of us that love things rustic, this is heaven to us.

If rustic is your thing, I do have a Forever Rustic Photo Tour that I run each year and what you are exposed to are things rustic which is totally awesome.

What appeals to me with the rustic things, things that are old is that in your pictures you are persevering a little bit of history and min their decayed state , they have their own charm and there will come a day when some of those things will no longer be standing.


Everytime you snap, you have just recorded history. Go tell a story through you pictures. Pete:)




It is so nice to share the rest of my life with this wonderful warm  and adorable woman whom I call , ” Rosepetal” who shares the same interest as my self, who is definitely a far better person than myself. I love seeing the joy in her face when we are photographing together and this subject was no exception. Pete:)