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Bird Photography Workshop 2021

Photography by Vicki

Vicki and I are proud to announce our latest workshop which will be up and running in 2021. We are still planning and putting the finishing touches to this workshop. It will be run over  2 days  and  if you love birds and photography you’ll love this workshop.We are also planning on a 7 days bird photography workshop as well.

The 7 day photography bird workshop is an extension of the 2 day workshop and will take you to the next level and it will be a road trip.At this stage we can’t release any details of the road trip as the  bird photography workshop is still in the planning stage and we are fine tuning it.

If you would like to express an interest in the 2 day workshop or the 7 day workshop, email us at

Photography by Vicki

This is one workshop where patience is the name of the game and a prerequisite for this workshop is having a love for birds and knowing the importance of patience. Bird photography is NOT about walking away with a stack lot of images. It is walking away with a coupe of images that you can be proud of. Bird photography is totally unpredictable as we are working with wildlife and there might be some days where you walk away with nothing.

The great thing is that you’ll learn,  and you’ll be with people who are on the same page as yourself.

We are both looking forward to having you on board next year. More details will be released early next year.