Kangaroo Island Beaches

Often Photographers can get branded with a certain area that people associate them with.
Where I live, often I’m liken to the Australian Outback Photographer, the desert areas; and while I do spend a lot of time in these area, by no means is it all that I love shooting as can be seen in these photos from my Kangaroo Island Tour.

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I love shooting any landscape and I myself never affiliate to any landscape better than the other.

I love the beach, I adore it and it is a place I often go to , to seek peace, reflection and there is nothing like the sound of water, whether it be a waterfall or the sound of the ocean.
I love the wide open spaces of the beach, I love the white sands, walking with your toes in the sand, the glassy and crystal waters, the raging seas during storm times, I love the sense of awe and wonder that the beaches give us and its all free!!!

Kangaroo Island beaches offer a trove of wonderful sceneries for photographers

Kangaroo Island is a favorite place of mine where I love going there as there is so much to photograph. If you are thinking about doing one of my Photographic Tours where I teach people to take awesome pictures, then Kangaroo Island Tour is the place to come as there is so much on offer and I love bringing people here to give them an unforgettable  experience.

This is small piece  of myself looking at just some of the beaches that are on Kangaroo island. How we see things is at times determined by the weather and how we remember a place .
On one of my tours  (this is rare but it can happen), we never saw the sun until the last day and it is rare for this to happen on Kangaroo Island. In fact, of all the Kangaroo Island Tours I have run (there have been a lot), this is the only time it has happened.

There is no doubt that when the  sun pops out on all subjects, it brings out the awesome colors in what we shoot. Grey sky reflects grey waters. On this particular trip one person said that the beaches on
Kangaroo were very ordinary( a stronger word was used) compared to where this person came from.
Now where this person comes from they do have stunning coastlines and wonderful beaches and yet, if one was to go where this person comes from  and you had  bad weather, the awesome nature of the beaches would change, the mood changes, the colour changes and that’s why before one makes a value judgement about the area that you have just been to with bad weather, it’s important if you can ( i understand that it is not always possible, ) go back to a place and see it in the different light and this will give you a better feel for the area.Light determines everything, light shades our view points, light controls out emotions inside as well, Light controls and determines everything!!!
petedobreAs a subject to shoot, beaches are awesome, they are so emotive, they stimulate all of your senses and no words can be found that best describe what it does to your soul.Just love the beach and there are times when I feel so at peace sitting on the rocks and watching and listening to the ocean.

Kangaroo Island Beaches offer a myriad of treasures for photographers

There are times when it is good to just sit and observe all that is happening on the beach and you will be surprised. Even if there are no people on the beach, there is still much happening, all you have to do is open your eyes and discover the treasures around you.
The beach offers literally endless photographic opportunities. This summer, explore with your camera and be sure to tell a story with your pictures. Go to your favorite beach and if you have walked your favorite beach many times, this time ,reflect on it and try and capture the essence of that beach .

petedobreIf you like what you see, come and join me on an amazing experience on Kangaroo Island where you will wanting to stay longer on this awe inspiring Island which is Australia’s third largest. Next 6 day photo workshop. Pete:)