The Silo Art  Photo Tour – 2021

17th April – 25th April 2021

9 stunning Days


*Max number 6*

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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The Silo Art Photo Tour requires a fitness level of zero .

The Silo Art Photo Tour requires a deposit of $1000 needs to be paid to secure your spot.The rest is paid 12 weeks before departure.

Booking- As there is no button at this stage to book through, you scroll down to the bottom and you can pay into the account . Details are listed below.

The Silo Art Photo Tour  is a stunning trip that takes in 8 painted Silos . Each Silo is very different and amazing. They all have their own unique story. So why do The Silo Art Tour with Pete and Vicki? They have done this trip several times  and they have worked out the best time of each day to get the best out of the silos. There will be the opportunity for those who wish to do astro photography on several of the slio’s .

Who is The Silo Art Photo Tour for?

The Silo Art Photo Tour is perfect for the person who loves art. It’s ideal for the person who loves taking pictures.It’s tailor made for the person who can’t walk great distances.All of the silos  on The Silo Art Photo Tour at at your doorstep. No walking is really required apart from if you want to walk around them.

On this tour if you have a drone you can bring that as there will be time to fly. They will give you  different point of view. Pete and Vicki will guide you with your drones and giving tips in how to fly.

Why Take 9 days ?

You can visit 6 of the silo’s in a day so why is this over 8? This is a photography based tour and they give  you time to make sure you are photographing them at there best. That’s important as they are all facing different  directions , hence the light at its best is different for each. One of the things that we encourage is time at each place and not to be rushed.

There are tours that go through this area in a day. Sadly, you cannot photograph them all in the right light in a day. That’s totally impossible therefore that’s why Vicki and I do our homework well and go to our venues to plan this out for you.

Join Vicki  and Pete as they take you on a journey on this wonderful region.

What is included in the Silo Art Photo Tour?

The cost includes your accommodation and bus hire, fuel along with your own private room. No shared rooms and yes you have your own bathrooms.

Meals are not included in this due to the nature of the trip .

Below is a sample of what you will be seeing and photographing.

Closer to the time , you will be told of a central meeting place where we will meet where you will be picked up in the bus.

My Blog on the Silo Tour, part 1. Part 2 to follow later.

The Art Silos – Weelahalle

The pictures below are only a very small sample of what was taken on our planning trip for the tour of the silos.



Places are limited to 6 people only. Come  and join us on this inspiring trip where we explore the wonderful art of talented people .Learn about the stories behind the people painted on the silos.

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

BSB 105 144

Acc 031 029 940

Bank SA