Australian Photography Tours

Join Australian photographers Pete and Vicki Dobré,
on one of their award winning photography tours.

Pete  and Vicki Dobré are a Freelance Photographers who blazes the trail for 6 months each year, capturing awe-inspiring images. Pete and Vicki’s work expresses their creative flair, emotions and love for the natural landscapes of Australia.

When you join Pete and Vicki on one of their award winning photography tours, you can be assured to not only have had a great photographic experience but to learn new techniques to get more from your camera  and your photography is taken to a new level.

Pete and Vicki are also very passionate about Africa and have been running tours to Africa for some time. This falls under their other company Africa Running Wild Safaris. Below is a link to their website where they showcase what their tours look life and the awe inspiring images that they capture.

There is a guest gallery there as well where you can see what the guests have taken and a few of the guests featured there had never picked up a DSLR camera before and through the teaching and both Pete and Vicki they have excelled while in Africa with them.

Featured Tour

When you join Vicki and Pete on one of their tours where they take you to amazing locations where they teach how to get the best out your camera and how to compose your pictures . They teach you the importance of light and how crucial that is in your picture taking.

On most of the tours that Pete and Vicki conduct they include the following put please check the specific details of each tour as these my change due to restrictions and availability at different times of the year.

Dinner is not included in some of the tours.

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Terms and Conditions of our photography tours and workshops